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The Cello Demos were recordings made by Weezer at famed Cello Studios in November 2001.


After leaving Steak House, Weezer moved to the Cello Studios for continued recording from November 2 through 10, 2001. In fact, as of November 10th, the band had completed twelve recordings, along with several unfinished songs. They jokingly referred to this unmixed, unmastered 'album' as The Black Album, a nod to both their own color-themed records, as well as similarly titled records by Metallica and Prince.

During these sessions, the band played three gigs at The Viper Room in Hollywood on November 6 through 8, under their pseudonym Goat Punishment. The sets consisted mainly of new songs being worked on during these sessions.

Curiously, all of these recordings were eventually abandoned, and the band began another series of recordings in December, which carried through February 2002, and resulted in the true fourth album Maladroit.

Song list

In addition to reworking the twelve songs tracked at Steak House, the band began the following new recordings. Three of these would be recorded days later at the Glenn Sound Demos.


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