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Slave cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Maladroit
Released May 14, 2002
Recorded N/A
Length 2:53
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 694
COR# 354
Producer(s) Weezer, Rod Cervera, Chad Bamford
Status Released
Live debut May 23, 2002
Maladroit track listing
"Space Rock"
"Fall Together"
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 693)
(RC# 694)
(RC# 695)

"Slave" is the ninth track on Maladroit.



"Slave" is first known to have been demoed by the band at Cello Studios in early November of 2001. The song first came to the attention of Weezer fans as a recording from the November 14 sessions at Glenn Sound Studios, originally intended for the Seattle-area radio station 107.7 The End. When it became apparent that the songs would not be aired on the radio, the band released them for free online. Numerous in-progress recordings of the song were released during the sessions for Maladroit from late 2001 through early 2002.

Original sticker on pressings of Maladroit touted the song: "Featuring 'Dope Nose' and 'Slave'". It is unknown if this indicates that the song was considered for release as a single.

The song was covered live by Juliana Hatfield in 2002.

"Slave" has been played live only a handful of times, including only four performances in 2002 during the band's tours in support of Maladroit. Rivers Cuomo played a partial rendition of the song acoustically via webcam during a USTREAM session online on September 10, 2011. In 2016, the song had a brief resurgence when a poll on the band's official fan club asked what deep-cut song fans would like to see on a Spotify Sessions release. "Slave" won and made an acoustic appearance as the final track on the EP. It was also played live and acoustic at Rough Trade records on April 1, 2016, and again that December at an acoustic concert in Boston, MA for the radio station Alt 92.9, wherein the band was accompanied by members of the Harvard Orchestra.


Live performances


Official recordings

Glenn Sound sessions

Maladroit sessions


Love, barely alive
In your arms, slave
Dreams, taken too far
Every night, slave

Who put on your heart
Who put on your heart
Who put on your heart
'Cuz I can't change, no

When you're on your own
You can see things
Clear, clear as a bell
And you're free, slave

Who put on your heart
Who put on your heart
Who put on your heart
'Cuz I can't change, no

And my girl will say goodbye
To the things we'll never try

Who put on your heart
Who put on your heart
Who put on your heart
'Cuz I can't change, no

Love, barely alive
Love, barely alive
Love, barely alive

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