Cold Blue

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"Cold Blue"
Cold Blue cover
Album track by AM Radio
Albums Radioactive
Released Radioactive - July 1, 2003
Reactive - February 19, 2007
Length Radioactive - 3:49
Reactive - 3:50
Label Radioactive - Elektra
Reactive - Polydor Japan, Universal Distribution
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Producer(s) Howard Benson
Status Officially released
Radioactive track listing
"Media Life"
"Cold Blue"
"Oh Oh Oh"
Reactive track listing
"Hit the Bricks"
"Cold Blue"
"Crazy in Love"
Alternate Cover
"Reactive" album cover
"Reactive" album cover

"Cold Blue" is the sixth track from AM Radio's debut album "Radioactive" and the third track from AM Radio's sophomore album "Reactive."



"Cold Blue" is one of the four AM Radio songs that appears on both their debut album and their sophomore album. The others are "I Just Wanna Be Loved," "Becoming You," and "Stole the Show."



The world could change today
And everything would be different
But you'd still be the same
You're the one thing I could count on constantly

(Hey, hey...)

And if you say you're leaving today
I know you'll be back tomorrow
This is what you always do
So I won't even follow you

I'll be waiting right here (Waiting right here)
For the day when you reappear

From out of the blue, out of the blue
Out of the cold, cold, cold, cold blue

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