Oh Oh Oh

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"Oh Oh Oh"
Oh Oh Oh cover
Album track by AM Radio
Album Radioactive
Released July 1, 2003
Length 2:31
Label Elektra
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Producer(s) Howard Benson
Status Officially released
Radioactive track listing
"Cold Blue"
"Oh Oh Oh"
"Take Time"

"Oh Oh Oh" is the seventh track from AM Radio's debut album "Radioactive."





If I could change your mind
And deliver us this time
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To make things right with you

But I don't have the time
To listen to you now
Maybe come back later
When I won't be around
I won't be around
Oh oh oh

I won't be the one
To make you come undone
So maybe I should stay
Someplace far away

'Cuz I just need some time
To try and work things out
All we do is fight and it
It just brings me down
It just brings me down

Girl I wish that it wasn't like this
And it wasn't like that
And it wasn't like anything at all
That brings me down and makes me think
What if none of this
Ever happened at all
Ever happened at all

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