Devil's Haircut

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"Devil's Haircut" is a B-side released by Ash on a limited 7-inch single in 1997.


Not to be confused with the Beck song of the same name, "Devil's Haircut" is actually not a song - it's a recorded message that Brian Bell left for Ash frontman Tim Wheeler at his Hollywood hotel room in late 1996, when the band was on tour with Weezer. It is likely that the recording was made on or around December 21st, the day the two bands played The Palace Theater in Los Angeles.

Further evidence of his Sass, this unintentionally hilarious message was Brian's attempt to advise Tim on where best to obtain a haircut in town. It is not known how Brian feels about this message being preserved for posterity.

It should also be noted that the time of the message is stated as being 11:38 a.m. George Lucas' first film was entitled THX 1138, and that four-digit number has been used as a reference in the six Star Wars films, as well as countless other official and unofficial (i.e. fan-oriented) Star Wars productions, and as an homage in non-Star Wars media. Given that the Ash boys are huge Star Wars fans, and that Brian's acceptance into Weezer hinged on his giving the correct answer to the question of which Star Wars action figure was his favorite, it can only be speculated if this is somehow intentional, or just some cosmic coincidence.

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