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El? Scorcho! 4

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El? Scorcho! 4
El? Scorcho! 4 cover
Tribute album by El Scolcho
Released April 25, 2004[1]
Format Cassette
Recorded December 31, 2003
January 1, 2004
Length 31:35
Label Jellyfish Records, 3P3B
El Scolcho chronology
El? Scorcho! 3
El? Scorcho! 4
Not to be confused with "El Scorcho".

El? Scorcho! 4 is the fourth live Weezer cover album by El Scolcho. It was released on cassette on April 25, 2004.[1]


El? Scorcho! 4 was recorded at Shibuya Gig-Antic during a New Year's celebration for their record label, 3P3B. The show takes place overnight from December 31, 2003 to January 1, 2004. The cassette itself contains a large amount of live interludes, as well as including the crowd counting down and celebrating New Year's. The cassette was given out with mail orders from 3P3B, including a promotional postcard.[1][2]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "My Name Is Jonas"   3:30
2. "No One Else"   3:06
3. "Buddy Holly"   2:55
4. "Dope Nose"   2:15
5. "Island in the Sun"   3:20
6. "Burndt Jamb"   2:53
7. "Surf Wax America"   2:59

Note: Listed lengths only account for the songs played, not the full length of the tape.


  • Junichiro Yamashita
  • Masakazu Ichise
  • Naou Hara
  • Shinobu Watanabe

Junichiro, Masakazu, and Shinobu's names are shortened to Jun, Macha, and Nobu respectively on the cassette release.[2]



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