Burndt Jamb

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"Burndt Jamb"
Burndt Jamb cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Maladroit
Released May 14, 2002
Recorded N/A
Length 2:39
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 596
COR# 277
Producer(s) Weezer, Rod Cervera, Chad Bamford
Status Released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Let It Ride"
(RC# 595)
"Burndt Jamb"
(RC# 596)
"High Up Above"
(RC# 597)
Maladroit track listing
"Burndt Jamb"
"Space Rock"

"Burndt Jamb" is the seventh track on Maladroit.



"Burndt Jamb" initially debuted as an instrumental. The earliest version heard by fans was a recording from Monster Island Studios in Washington, D.C., recorded with other songs in hopes of finding a producer for the band's fourth album. The song was played the following month for the show The Evening Session for BBC Radio 1. The song received lyrics during the sessions for Maladroit, with an entirely new set of lyrics eventually appearing on the final album. In a 2002 Rolling Stone article by Jenny Eliscu, Rivers Cuomo alluded to his fascination with a specific goth girl, which may have inspired the "Gothic flavor" lyric:

His newest obsession, he says, is goth. He holds up his hands to show off black fingernail polish, silver rings and leather wrist cuffs. "I never noticed goth before," he says. "But then I got really fascinated with this one girl. A music style just gets wrapped up with the vision of the girl, and it overtakes your consciousness."

A live rendition of the song, recorded on July 26, 2002 at a show in Camden, New Jersey, appeared as a b-side on the UK retail CD of "We Are All on Drugs", and as a bonus track on the international release of Make Believe. When playing the song live in 2018 with Brian Bell singing lead, the band altered the final lyrics of every verse to reference lyrics from Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

The riff used throughout the song has been compared to the melody of the song “Breezin” by George Benson by numerous fans.[1][2] No statement on the similarity has been made by the band.


Maladroit Sessions:

Album version




Gothic flavor
How I miss you
If I only
Once could kiss you

I'd be happy
For one moment
Of my lifetime
I'd be there

And the water
Running over
Me is growing
Ever colder

Make me happy
For one moment
Of my lifetime
I'd be there

Lyrics (Demos)

Now you want me
And you need me
I have got to
Get to leavin'
If you move on
Down that highway
I'll be burning
I'll be there, yeah

Now it's over
We can go home
Just one last verse
And we're all done

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