Girl of My Dreams

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"Girl of My Dreams"
Girl of My Dreams cover
Album track by that dog.
Album The Poop Alley Tapes
Released 1995
Recorded At Poop Alley Studios
Length 3:21
Writer(s) Beck, A.P. Carter
Producer(s) Beck
Status Released
The Poop Alley Tapes track listing
"He Stopped Loving Her Today"
Geraldine Fibbers
"Girl of My Dreams"
"Adam in June"
June Blake
Scan of liner notes
Drawing with the words "electric music + the summer people"
Drawing with the words "electric music + the summer people"

"Girl of My Dreams" is a song by Beck from the The Poop Alley Tapes. It features Tony Maxwell, Petra Haden, and Anna Waronker of That Dog, and was engineered by Tom Grimley.


"Girl of My Dreams" contains pieces of "Lover's Lane" by The Carter Family.



I first met you down on Lover's Lane
The birds were insane, flapping all about
Softly you would sing, swinging in your swing
It wasn't night, it wasn't day

Sleeping underneath your car
Watching from afar, snacking on a graveyard
Fingers pointed down, you were just a frown
Blinded to the bone and alone

You're just the girl of my dreams
But it seems my dreams never come true


Per Whiskey, a Beck fan site[1]

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