Historic event: 01/22/1997

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Posted on Weezer's official Facebook page as part of the "Today in Weezer History" series on January 22, 2014.

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Today in Weezer History: 1/22/1997 - On this day in 1997, Weezer played at in Columbus, OH at the Newport Music Hall in support of Pinkerton, with Nerf Herder opening. While the few surviving fan accounts all agree this was a rocking if somewhat chaotic show, journalist Bill Eichenberger of the Columbus Dispatch newspaper strongly disagreed, and said so in his somewhat hilarious review published the next day. Some choice quotes include, "The band couldn't rock. The band had zero stage presence. The band couldn't pop. The band couldn't sing in tune. The band couldn't play much."; "...1695 people who stood like statues throughout the show, and five people - strategically placed there by the band? - who pogo-ed on rare, celebratory occasions."; "So how did Weezer sell out Newport Music hall? That is one of the universe's great questions, ranking right up there with "Who built the pyramids?""; and "A band should offer something in addition to whimsy and a name that's fun to say. Shouldn't it?". (...How does a band "pop" anyway? and isnt it pretty clear the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids? And this may be the one and only review accusing Weezer of being "whimsical".) Photo also shows two signed ticket stubs from the show. #nerfherder #columbus #ohio #whimsy #pyramids #Newport #journalism #1997 #pinkerton

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