Historic event: 04/26/1992

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weezer show #5: Raji's, Hollywood

Several weeks of rehearsal had paid off with another gig at Raji's in Hollywood. This was only the bands second "full set" that wasnt acoustic, so it was a pretty important show. The other bands on the bill that night were Jacknife, Raw Flower, and Pygmy Love Circus, who were sort of big in L.A. at the time. A smallish but respectable crowd showed up, though it was still mostly comprised of aquaintences of the band. Like most new unknown bands in L.A., the "ignore the opening acts" effect was felt coming from those who werent friends of the group. The setlist for this show is unknown, but it likely included...

lets sew our pants together
theif, youve taken all that was me
the world has turned and left me here
i cant forget the way
the biggest animal

there are no [known] photos from this show. but 3 different flyers were made and survive: L: flyer by Rivers, M: flyer by Matt, R: flyer by Patrick Finn
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