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This page is about the character. For the Blue Album track, see "My Name Is Jonas".

Captain Jonas is the lead character from Songs from the Black Hole. He was originally going to be played by Rivers Cuomo. This Jonas is not confirmed to share any connection to the song "My Name Is Jonas".


Jonas is a shy, timid and somewhat pessimistic top graduate from the Star Corps Academy. He is also somewhat lustful, but quick to be ashamed of his lust. Jonas is the captain of the ship in SFTBH. Jonas is a metaphor for the side of Rivers who was uncertain and upset with the way his rock star life was unfolding. On May 10, 2126, Jonas took off on the ship Betsy II with shipmates Wuan, Dondó, mechanoid M1, Maria, and his former lover and cook Laurel. This event is chronicled in "Blast Off!".

Jonas is somewhat promiscuous. He goes to Maria's house, sniffs glue with her and then has sex with her. This is chronicled in the song "Come to My Pod". Later, Jonas is embarrassed and flees - illustrating his personality. When Jonas finally meets Laurel, he falls for her. Jonas also has a daughter with Maria. It is unknown what becomes of Jonas, as SFTBH was never finished nor released.

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