Just the Way

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"Just the Way"
Just the Way cover
Album track by That Dog
Album Old LP
Released 2019
Recorded 2016-2019 @ Kingsize Soundlabs; Park Oak Studios; The Boat; The Evergreen Stage; The Whiskey Kitchen
Length 3:40
Label UME
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Anna Waronker and That Dog
Status Released
That Dog singles chronology
"If You Just Didn't Do It"
"Just the Way"
Old LP track listing
"Your Machine"
"Just the Way"
"Bird on a Wire"

"Just the Way" is the second track and third single off That Dog's fourth album Old LP.


Band commentary

Anna Waronker: “Just the Way” is about having someone ghost you to your face and how it makes the ghostee feel. This is one of the earlier songs I wrote when we decided to do a new That Dog album. I wanted to play with our old sound but add our new energy. The timing of everything is chaotic yet it works; which is what I think is so interesting and endearing about our earlier music. I also feel like the music really captures anxiety of having someone blow you off and you have to pretend it’s okay all the while wondering why.

Consequence of Sound interview with Anna Waronker - October 3, 2019

Music video

The music video for "Just the Way" was released via Funny Or Die on October 2, 2019. It stars Jack Black and Maya Rudolph, and was written by the band's drummer Tony Maxwell. It was directed by Casey Storm.


Album track



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Please forgive me
For misreading into every word you said
From the beginning
I thought we were being careful
I thought it was innocent

I must admit that I was taken by surprise
By your commitment not to look me in the eyes
I've been a witness and I've watched you testify
Now I plead insanity instead of doing time

I guess it's just the way you like
It's just the way you like it
It's just the way you like it
It's just the way, just the way you like it

Keep your distance
Contact to a minimum
Stay calm, cool, and collect
Be consistent
Show no signs of weakness
Withdraw and disconnect

I must confess that after all of this time
Your mixed-up messages still mess with my mind
I guess I, I learned my lesson
There's no question this time
I haven't felt like this since 1995

Don't bother to say goodbye
Just walk away
This will be the last time
I offer my sound advice
Because every time you leave
A part of me dies

Ha ha ha, ha ha ha

It's just the way you like it (ha ha ha, ha ha ha)

I've been a witness and I've watched you testify
Mixed up messages still mess with my mind
Every time you leave a part of me dies
Every time you leave a part of me dies

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