Karl's Corner - 03/17/2005

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03/17/05 they get the spaces in between

...As you may have seen on the front page, "Make Believe" will be released on May 10th. Its been a long haul since the last album, thanks so much for waiting - its going to be worth the wait. Meanwhile, the first single "Beverly Hills" will be officialy 'at radio' on March 29th, though many stations will have the song 'in hand' several days before that point. (if you are thinking of requesting the song on your local station, (which weezer greatly appreciates!) keep in mind that until 3/29 they really arent supposed to be playing the song.) Several stations have already been playing short clips of the song ranging anywhere from 10 to 90 seconds long, including KROQ Los Angeles, Live 105 San Fransisco, and WRRV 96.9 in New York. Apparently one station even played a bizarre mix they made where just the chorus was strung together repeatedly. The version played by Live 105 is in fact an earlier mix or demo version of the song, which is easy to spot due to the (early) male rather than (correct) female 'gimmie gimme' back-up vocals, as wel as overall sound differences. Clever fans have been recording the clips and now mp3s are flowing back and forth amongst the Weezgnoscenti. Also, a rumor apparently sparked by a recent news report on 102.1 CFNY is untrue - While the album is in fact still being mixed, the band is NOT going into the studio to re-do 'Beverly Hills' or anything else at this point. The recording process is complete.

...all the dates of the short but sweet European Tour in June have now been posted, with the most welcome addition of a Dublin, Ireland date on 6/7! This will be Weezer's FIRST ever visit to Ireland, and everyone is stoked! (The irony is not lost on us that this announcement comes on St. Patrick's Day...) The details Of this date have not yet been released but will be as soon as tickets are made available.

Also announced today is Weezer's presence on the 2 day Summersonic Festival in Japan in August! Weezer has had great shows at Summersonic before and is looking forward to returning to those humongous stages.

Meanwhile, rumors of teaming up with the Pixies later this summer for touring have been disproven due to scheduling conflicts, which is too bad because both bands were into the idea. Maybe someday. However, there are indeed many more weezer shows being planned in '05 beyond the Euro dates in June. Stay tuned for that and for the North American dates in April/May - info coming very soon!

...registered weezer boardies will be happy to know that, contrary to earlier reports, they will remain registered with their current screen name accounts in the forthcoming 'new' weezer.com, for both e-mail updates and on the message board. (DISCLAIMER - not every single account will make it through, for a variety of weird technical reasons. So you might be amongst the small percentage of registered fans who will have to re-register and start fresh. We have no way of knowing who exactly will be affected until its already happened.) Note that it is indeed true that all the old message threads will be destroyed in our collective breaking on thru to the other side, so please archive and save what you cant bear to lose now! The day of board reckoning is coming!