Karl's Corner - 03/31/2005

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03/31/05 it's something that you're born into

...Welcome to the new weezer.com, v3.0! I hope you have survived the 'rewriting' of the site onto the new server...kinda like in the Matrix. Between now and the release of 'Make Believe' on May 10 we will be continuing work on the site, so you may see some funny business on occasion. Some fans have expressed concern that the site looks very 'Make Believe-centric', and yes, for now, it is. But unlike the very dearly departed weezer.com v2.0, however, its a LOT easier to change colors, themes, etc, as its set up in a modular fashion that doesnt require heavy 'coding' to work on. So if you dont like todays fashions, dont worry, they will be always be changing as time goes on. (note the old 'RWA' site (1995-2001) is what I'm calling 'weezer.com v1.0', although its URL was 'weezer.net' in those days.)

Also note that most if not all of the content you came to expect at V2.0 has found a new home here (see the 'info' page for a good example, also on the 'media' page link at the bottom goes to a mirror of the v2.0 audio-video page, etc) We will be reintegrating all the content to closer match the structure of the new site, but rest assured, were keeping it all. (some stuff just needs drastic housecleaning, like the links page etc, but now that were set up here we can start tackling this stuff.)

As for the message boards, 3 things - 1. we are listening carefully to your concerns and are aware that the new boards may come as quite a shock 2. they arent finished yet either, and certain fundamental concerns + issues are being tackled. 3. Im absolutely aware of the online fanbase that weezer enjoys, and dont want to alienate anyone. However We literally had no choice but to go to this system, and are doing our best to tweak it to make it more confortable. Thanks.

..."Beverly Hills" on iTunes: wow... #2 download overall, and #1 in the "Rock" store!

...viewers of the "Make A Video" on mTv2 got a sneak preview listen of some new weezer tracks from Make Believe, bits of which were played in the background as the interviews went on and the bunnies posed. Snatches of "We Are All On Drugs", "This Is Such A Pity" and "Peace" were used along with a healthy dose of weezer stuff from the past 4 albums. Catch this special if you can, its pretty funny and theres nothing like suprise previews! Note that what was used were almost certainly non-final mixes of the tracks, as this special was put together several weeks ago.

...Speaking of mixes, new information on the mixing of Make Believe: We now understand that no less than 4 different mixers were used, though its unclear if all four will have their work on the final album, as there are still a few last minute desicions to be made in that regard, which may affect exactly what songs and what mixes of what songs make it on. Besides Josh Abraham, (doing about 6-8 songs) and Rich Costey (3 or 4), we also now know that Neil Averon mixed several songs, of which 1-2 (but possibly as many as 4) could be making the album, and Alan Mulder mixed several tracks as well, but there is only one track he did that has a chance of getting on the record (not due to the work he did, which like the other 3 guys is excellent, but rather if the song actually ends up in the tracklisting). We should have a final tracklist very soon, and it will likely be 12 songs and somewhere around 45 minutes long.

...VH1 viewers might wanna tune into this week's Top 20 Video Countdown, where the "Beverly Hills" video should be on as a "Flava" clip. "Flavas" tend to get into the countdown in the weeks following their "Flava"-ness, so keep an eye out!

...Phiiiiladelphia Electric Factory update: Ticketmaster says the truth: the show is on sale Fri, 04/08/05 at 10:00 AM. It looks like theres *no* pre-sale, but if any new info comes to light it will go in the =w= news immediately.

...coming soon... J.O.N.A.S....