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Karl's Corner - 10/05/2000

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...THE BRACES ARE OFF! Well, it took longer than he thought, and he ended up touring with them on all summer, but at last, Rivers's "adult braces" are off, and he is ecstatic!

...I've gotten some emails from LA-area KROQ listeners who say they heard them announce something about weezer appearing on this year's annual "Kevin and Bean xmas album". The Kevin and Bean Xmas album has been a long tradition in LA, and generally is available around the city at various record shops a few weeks before Christmas. I personally havent gotten any confirmation on this one, and definately no details from within the band circles, so for now I leave it up to you guys to sort it out.

..a new question for y'all... "whats your opinion of Tenacious D?"

...also, i added even more article links, down below in the 9/25/00 entry... these new ones are in purple ...by the way, thanks everyone for sending these in!!!