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Karl's Corner - 10/30/2000

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We have learned that Yahoo! (the web company) have become the sponsors of the Feb/Mar tour, making it the 2001 Yahoo Outloud Tour. ...Which is good news for several reasons: #1, They will be paying for the lights and sound, which will allow for bigger and better production standards (in other words, its going to look and sound pretty darn nice!)... #2, they will be helping promote the tour, which means various clever activities will be happening both online and at the shows...(so far, we hear that you will be able to buy tickets for the shows first on the web exclusively, before they go on sale at the normal ticket places...and we've heard some cool contest ideas, like one that involves raffles at the shows to win weezer stuff...) ...and #3, they are lending me a really really nice video camera and have assigned me to be the producer of special video clips, which (as I understand it) will be available both on RWA and the Yahoo Outloud Weezer Site (which of course doesnt exist yet), as a special tour thing. The clips will be both special messages from the band, and also some "slice of life" ones that wont be too different from what I'm already giving you, except that they will be nicer sound and video, and will be edited by professionals, so I guess it will look more like TV commercials or something... anyway. The details will come later, thats all I know for now.

...meanwhile, another busy day for the guys down in the garage, the rock just does not stop! Some of you have expressed concern over the fast pace:

"Phew! things seem hotter than the sun at Weezer HQ.
Remember this is not for the good of music it's for the good of the world!!!
Don't get knocked out yet there's still one more round to go!"
--Sam, UK.

...well, dont worry too much about the guys, they really seem to be enjoying this!

...and, two new video clips just went up, so once again, click here and scroll to the bottom......dont say I didn't warn ya!