Karl's Corner - 12/15/2001 (b)

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12/15/01 tour wrap up

...here's some pretty amazing numbers. The total attendance for all the shows in September's Midget Tour was 93,177. The total attendance for all the shows in November/December's Extended Midget Tour was 124,459. That adds up to a whopping 213,336 people who came out to see the weez in a few short months! So, to everyone who attended, 213,336 big "Thank You"s! From the first leg to the second the band got tighter and tighter with Scott getting more and more comfortable, and they really started to jam out in the last couple of weeks. The whole "Cold" controversy in the first leg led to some very careful opening band choices for the second leg, which on the whole was recieved better. However, countless happy fan reports from every show of both legs demonstrated that a ton of people left all the shows with smiles on their faces. And some didnt have that good a time for one reason or another, and the band has taken the various concerns and complaints to heart (though not everything is under their contol at these shows), with the intention of making every tour better than the last one.

...So, what's next? Well, as of tomorrow (Sunday 12/16) the band will return to the recording studio in LA, to continue work on tracks started in early November, and lay down more new tracks from scratch. Album #4 is "under construction" again! It looks like I will not be re-joining them till early January at this point, so I will be getting info from those on the scene and passing it along to you, while working on various weezer.com stuff, like (finally) updating the Recording and Equipment histories, as well as getting some new video clips up. Also, expect a few cool holiday suprises shortly that Dan and I have cooked up (remember to keep an eye not only on this page, but the =RWA News= page, and the A-V page!) (you might want to peek at the A-V page now in fact!)

...REMINDER: the "Extended Midget Tour Special" (that debuted today) is being repeated on MTV2 on the following dates:

12/16 @ 10pm (Sunday, tomorrow!)
12/17 @ 11am & 9pm
12/19 @ 3pm
12/20 @ Midnight
12/21 @ 12pm

Please check you local listings for exact show times in your area.

...and here is the
the Weezer, Tenacious D, Jimmy Eat World Tour Buzztone media player. The
player now features the 3 hidden holiday tracks from all 3 bands. (To find
the holiday tracks, click on the Christmas tree - but fans can only get
access to the 3 tracks by sending the buzzalong to a friend!) Check it out!