Karl's Corner - 12/19/2003

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Karlscorner-weezertonight.jpg Album 5 recording sessions (phase 1) - extra recording day tacked on today - recording day 15. Los Angeles, CA. Holiday break commences 12/20. Post-holiday rough schedule: back to pre-production for a while, then into recording phase 2.

...fan announcement: Phoenix, AZ: "weezerfest is happening on december 20th at the Bash On Ash in Tempe, AZ. i've searched far and wide for the 6 best weezer cover bands around and they've all agreed to cover a few songs. we'll also have a couple acoustic performances and maybe even a string quartet." -Mark W.

...nice rank: "Say it aint so" named "#8 song of the 90's" by Toronto's 102.1 The Edge listeners.

..."Christmas in the key of W"