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This page attempts to list all known songs that directly sample songs performed by Weezer.

Song Artist Song sampled Album Year Notes
"Hold Up" Girl Talk "Say It Ain't So" Night Ripper 2006
"So Many More Words" 2Mex "Say It Ain't So" Gloria Was A KROQer 2006
"Before You Say No" 2Mex "Undone - The Sweater Song" Gloria Was A KROQer 2006
"2007 Fo Sho Part 1.5" mcDJ "Island In The Sun" mcDJ New Year's Eve Mix 2006
"Ready Steady" Strip Steve "We Are All On Drugs" BNR Vol. 1 2008 BNR Vol. 1 is a various artists compilation.
"I Love College" (original mix) Asher Roth "Say It Ain't So" Asleep in the Bread Aisle 2009 Sample removed from official release (sample allegedly not cleared by Rivers Cuomo [1])
"Queensland" Evil Eddie "Tired Of Sex" Queensland 2010
"He Pukes Based Shark" Mayhem "Buddy Holly" #BASEDSHARK 2011
"No More Words" D-Sisive "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye 2011
"Say It Ain't SoCal" Neil Cicierega "Say It Ain't So" and "Beverly Hills" Mouth Silence 2014 Outtake released on YouTube.
"Homewrecker" Vic Mensa "The Good Life" The Autobiography 2017
"Smoke & Drive" Yung Pinch feat. Blackbear and P-Lo "Island in the Sun" 'Non-album single 2018
"An Angel Cried" Charles Michael "The Good Life" The Red Album 2019
"Zappa Weezer Monkee Beatle" Charles Michael "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here", "Everybody Get Dangerous", "In The Garage", "Beverly Hills", "Buddy Holly", "December", "Fall Together", "Can't Knock The Hustle", "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To", "Getchoo", "Pig", "Undone - The Sweater Song", "Only In Dreams", "Billie Jean", "Dope Nose", "Holiday", "Pork And Beans", "Thought I Knew", "Hash Pipe", "El Scorcho", and "Feels Like Summer" The Red Album 2019
"PSC 1: Cloud's Acid Dream" Charles Michael "Freak Me Out" and "Too Many Thoughts in My Head" The Orange Album 2019
"Skidmore Mathis" Charles Michael "Only In Dreams" The Dandelion EP 2019
"Avant Zen Garden" Charles Michael "Love Explosion" The Dandelion EP 2019
"Onions (Intro)" Charles Michael "Yellow Camaro" The Yellow Album 2020
"PSC 2: Cos I Love You" Charles Michael "Fall Together" and "Beverly Hills" The Yellow Album 2020
"Vulnerable Song" Charles Michael "Africa" The Chartreuse EP 2020
"Alternative Boy" Charles Michael "Keep Fishin' (Franklin Mint Version)" The Chartreuse EP 2020
"FIRE" Charles Michael "Don't Let Go" and "I'm Your Daddy" The Green Album 2020
"INDIFFERENCE (HOW DO U FEEL?)" Charles Michael "Burndt Jamb (Live)" The Green Album 2020
"DEWEY AND HIS FRIENDS" Charles Michael "American Gigolo" The Green Album 2020
"THIS HAS BEEN AIRBORNE" Charles Michael "Lullaby for Wayne" and "Unspoken" The Green Album 2020
"THE BASTARD HOMOERECTUS" Charles Michael "Tragic Girl" The Green Album 2020
"TRIPPIN DOWN THE STAIRS (IT'S A TRIP)" Charles Michael "Trippin' Down The Freeway" The Green Album 2020
"PRETEND UR JIMI HENDRIX" Charles Michael "Pink Triangle (Live at Reading Festival, 1996)" and "Across The Sea Piano Noodles" The Green Album 2020
"A LITTLE LIGHT SHINES ON (THE DOUBLE HUSH)" Charles Michael "Let It All Hang Out" and "Crab" The Green Album 2020
"SPARE TIME" Charles Michael "Beverly Hills" The Green Album 2020
"DON'T STOP KEEP ON" Charles Michael "Getting Up and Leaving" The Green Album 2020
"I AM AN INGROWN TOENAIL" Charles Michael "Living Without You" and "Take On Me" The Green Album 2020
"FUCK YOU MIKE PENCE, ABSOLUTELY FUCK YOU" Charles Michael "Rosanna" The Green Album 2020
"PIMP PLUG" Charles Michael "Put Me Back Together" The Green Album 2020
"CLICHES ALL NIGHT" Charles Michael "Undone - The Sweater Song" The Green Album 2020
"GARDEN IN THE SHADE" Charles Michael "Undone - The Sweater Song" and "I'm a Robot" The Green Album 2020
"PEPPERMINT BATH" Charles Michael "Haunt You Every Day", "Piece of Cake", and "Brightening Day" The Green Album 2020
"SUMMER JAMB FOR 2020 AND 2021" Charles Michael "Endless Bummer" 'The Green Album 2020
"EPHEMERAL POWER OUTAGE" Charles Michael "Change The World" and "Surf Wax America" The Green Album 2020
"NOTHING LASTS FOREVER" Charles Michael "Broken Arrows", "Across The Sea", and "Unspoken" The Green Album 2020
"ANGEL BOY" Charles Michael "Go Away" and "Starlight" The Green Album 2020
"GOTTA BE FASTER!" Charles Michael "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here", "Freak Me Out", "Keep Fishin'", and "Hero". The Green Album 2020
"WHERE'S MY DADDY / WHO'S UR DADDY" Charles Michael "Where's My Sex?", "Say It Ain't So", and "My Evaline". The Green Album 2020

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