Mo' Beats

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"Mo' Beats"
Demo by Weezer
Released July 2, 2002
Recorded July 2, 2002
Length 3:18
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 724
COR# 372
Status Demo circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Hey Domingo!"
(RC# 723)
"Mo' Beats"
(RC# 724)
"Booby Trap"
(RC# 725)

"Mo' Beats" (later known as "Keep It Safe") is a song by Weezer.


Mo' Beats is a song written by Rivers Cuomo and recorded by Weezer in 2002 during the sessions for the band's planned fifth album. A recording from July 2 was released as a free mp3 at the band's official site. MTV News reported in 2002 that, at the Summer Sonic Festival, Axl Rose of Guns 'N' Roses met with Rivers to discuss a possible collaboration on this song [1], but this never came to fruition.

"Mo' Beats" shares an entry in the Catalog O' Riffs with a song rehearsed in November of 2002 titled "Keep It Safe".

The song's structural similarities to Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N' Roll" have been pointed out.



I got mo' beats than y'all
Keep Fishin' still seems small
Is that the best that all of you can do?

Now to my challengers
Still think with little words
You're so upset
You're pissing on yourself

Wombat with the little teeth
You've been declawed with a violent fee
Trying to think of something sharp
To say to me to pierce my heart

A mob is rising up
They want to scream and shout
And tear your body limb from limb real slow
You got to focus now
Reconcentrate the chi
And get them monkeys off your back for good

Bait me, and you think I'll fall
For the words you've written up on the wall
Another performance on the ringside
And I'm not about to let the pain outside

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