Numerous Druids (The Barnaby Jones)

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"The Barnaby Jones"
Demo by 60 Wrong Sausages
Album Yeastmaster Pt. 2
Released Unreleased
Recorded 1991
Label none
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 88
Producer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Scotty's Pullover (Tennis Ball)"
(RC# 87)
"Numerous Druids (The Barnaby Jones)"
(RC# 88)
"Hey M'Darlin'"
(RC# 89)
Handwritten lyrics for "The Barnaby Jones".
88-numerous druids2.jpg

"The Barnaby Jones" (listed in the COR as "Numerous Druids (The Barnaby Jones)") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo and rehearsed by 60 Wrong Sausages in 1991.


Simon and Garfunkel live
Underneath the water
All about the baboons swim
The water's getting hotter
Uh-oh here comes Barnaby Jones
Rub the ointment quickly
Protect yourself from TV sitcoms
Sometimes it's all you can do
to get by...

Welcome back Mr. Kotter
Salutations and so forth
I see the men have treated you well
Now off to posthumous hummus

Uh-oh I forgot what I'm saying
My brain is leaking fluids
Off we go back to Stonehenge
Home of numerous druids

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