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Sass refers to Weezer fans' practice of referring to guitarist Brian Bell as "The Sassmaster." Fans devastatingly describe Bell as being "easily the sassiest guitarist to ever live. Sassier than Gwen Stefani and Prince combined."

Timeline of Sass

Since Weezer started, fans have noticed Bell's unique style. At various points in Weezer's history, he has shown significant "sassyness"[sic]:

  • 1990 - With the release of Carnival Art's EP Dig and accompanying press kit photo, the world is exposed to the earliest known professional recorded and photographic evidence of sass.
  • 1994 - Brian shaves off his eyebrows to attempt "Ziggy Stardust" sass levels. He succeeds. Brief clips of this sass can be seen in the "Say It Ain't So" video.
  • 1996 - With reverse-sass psychology, Brian manages to look incredibly nerdy in the "El Scorcho" music video, but still achieve intense sassiness during a guitar fill and the solo in the song.
  • 1996 - Brian leaves a sassy phone message for Tim Wheeler of Ash, advising him on where in Hollywood to possibly achieve some sass of his own.
  • 1997-2000 - The dark ages of sass. Many sass-deprived Weezer fans are checked into asylums due to the lack of Brian's incredible style.
  • 2001 - The Impossible Bend shocks people around the world, launching Weezer fans who had long forgotten Brian's incredible sass powers into a frenzy. Many untrained children fail at attempting the dangerously sassy move and more sass-related hospitalizations occur.
  • 2002 - In the "Keep Fishin'" music video, Brian demonstrates excellent "Ants in his pants" sass.
  • 2005 - In promo shots for Make Believe, Brian sports quite possibly his sassiest jacket. It is called "Yellow sass". On the Across the Sea Live DVD, Brian displays prominent "sassyness" in the form of The Power Rise.
  • 2006 - Brian demonstrates "bad boy" sass in the "Perfect Situation" music video.
  • 2007 - Long hair/bearded sass.
  • 2008 - Brian sports glasses with his long hair. When he sways, it is referred to as "glasses and sasses". You thought you knew!
  • 2009 - Brian shows absolute barbershop sass in the "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" music video.
  • 2009 - Brian acknowledges in an interview that he is aware of the nickname "Sass-master", he goes on the explain that he someday wishes this would change to "Style-master". Silly Brian, thinking that only makes you sassier.
  • 2010 - Brian bugs out with sass in the "All of my Friends are Insects," segment from "Yo Gabba Gabba (March)
  • 2017 - Brian demonstrates slow-mo sass in The Relationship's "Break Me Open" music video.

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