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Sleeping All the Night

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"Sleeping All the Night"
Sleeping All the Night cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone IX: The Make Believe Years
Recorded May 18, 2004
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
COR# 369
Status Officially released

This song is part of the "This Is Such a Pity" (COR# 369) lineage of songs

"Sleeping All the Night" is a song demoed by Rivers Cuomo in contention for the album that would eventually become Weezer's 2005 album, Make Believe.



"Sleeping All the Night" is one of several songs derived from Catalog O' Riffs entry #369, beginning with "She Who Is Militant" and ultimately culminating in the Make Believe track "This Is Such a Pity".

Rivers Cuomo recorded a demo of "Sleeping All the Night" at S.I.R. Rehearal Studios on or around May 18, 2004 during pre-production on Make Believe. The demo was first heard by fans when it was accidentally leaked through the demo storefront on riverscuomo.com in November of 2020. The demo was made available for purchase by fans that same month as part of the demo compilation Alone IX: The Make Believe Years.

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Rivers Cuomo 369 Riff.mp3 2002 0:26 Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years
Rivers Cuomo Sleeping All the Night 08 369 Sleeping All the Night.mp3 May 18, 2004 S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios, Los Angeles, CA 3:37 Alone IX: The Make Believe Years
For more demos derived from this song lineage, see 369.
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All these lonely hours
Trying hard to do good
What a fool I was to think
That I would make a mark

No one knows, no one cries
No one cares if I live or I die
No one knows my name

God is kind of funny
Punishing me like this
Everything I've done in life
Will soon be swept away

No one knows, no one cries
No one cares if I live or I die
No one knows my name

One sees
One cares
One knows
One shares

No one knows, no one cries
No one cares if I live or I die
No one laughs, no one sings
No one smiles at the gifts that I bring
No one knows my name
No one knows my name

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