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Weezer - The 8​-​bit Album

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Weezer - The 8​-​bit Album
Weezer - The 8​-​bit Album cover
Tribute album by various
Released July 20, 2009
Recorded various
Genre 8-bit
Label Pterodactyl Squad

Weezer - The 8​-​bit Album is a tribute album consisting of chiptune covers of Weezer songs. It was released on July 20, 2009.


The album was mentioned on Karl's Corner, as well as in the August 8, 2009 edition of the Metro UK digital edition.[1] Track 15 is a hidden track which was not included in the .zip download on the original release page. It was listed on the page using the same color as the background, and could be downloaded individually.[2] The album received a followup, Weezer - The Second 8​-​bit Album, in 2016.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Island in the Sun (Belmont's Revisal)"  videogame orchestra 3:20
2. "Holiday"  Anamanaguchi 3:10
3. "El Scorcho"  Tugboat 4:07
4. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  Bit Shifter 3:47
5. "You Won't Get with Me Tonight"  PDF Format 3:27
6. "Hash Pipe"  seal of quality 2:05
7. "In the Garage"  OxygenStar 3:37
8. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"  :( 1:50
9. "We Are All on Drugs"  Rabato 4:35
10. "Jamie"  Unicorn Dream Attack 4:25
11. "Come to My Pod"  Mahamajama 1:23
12. "Why Bother?"  I Fight Dragons 2:55
13. "Buddy Holly"  nordloef 2:04
14. "I Do"  arcadecoma. 1:52
15. "Please Let That Be You"  Animal Style 3:36


Artwork for a front and back insert were made available for download as .gif files on the album's original release page, though no CD release was ever officially produced. The artwork was done by David Mauro.

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