Weezer concert: 06/22/2000

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Weezer concert: 06/22/2000
Tour Summer 2000 Tour
Venue Spaceland (now defunct)
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date June 22, 2000
Debuts "Slob"
Bootleg Circulating
Tour Mngr Neil Young
Weezer live show chronology
06/21/2000 - Long Beach, CA 06/22/2000 - Los Angeles, CA 06/23/2000 - Fresno, CA

Weezer performed at Spaceland in Los Angeles, California on June 22, 2000 as part of the Summer 2000 Tour.


No. Title
1. "My Name Is Jonas"    
2. "El Scorcho"    
3. "No One Else"    
4. "Dope Nose"    
5. "Preacher's Son"    
6. "In the Garage"    
7. "Why Bother?"    
8. "Slob" (live debut)  
9. "Hash Pipe"    
10. "Tired of Sex"    
11. "Say It Ain't So"    
12. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
No. Title
13. "Surf Wax America"    
14. "Buddy Holly"    



Fan accounts

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los angeles,ca

la @ spaceland

I got into the Weezer show at Spaceland, just barely. Here's what I remember. It took me an hour and a half to get to Spaceland from work. There seemed to be an obscene amount of traffic that day. It wasn't normal, to say the least. I finally got there around 6:30pm. My friend David lives right down the street, so I parked at his place. He left a note for me saying that he was waiting in line. When I got to David, there were only about 20 people sitting behind him, and about 100 people in front of him. He got there at 6pm. I later found out that the first person in line got there around 11am. CRAZY! :) So, we sat and waited. We got to watch a couple of drunken fans pee behind a van in the parking lot and Karl pulling out the boxes full of T-shirts from the truck parked in front of us. Eventually, a couple of my friends came around and wanted cuts, so I let them in. Obviously, everyone else was doing that too, because by the time we got in at 9:30pm-ish, we were LUCKY to have gotten in. The 100 people in front of David in when he got there had miraculously doubled! We were about 10 people away from the door, and the security said "That's it. No more people are allowed in. The only way that you guys are going to get in is if someone leaves, and I doubt that will happen." So, I was very discouraged, but I decided to wait. A few people in front and some of the 250 people behind us left. It was a good thing that I didn't leave because a few minutes later, someone came out and said "Keep letting them in until I say stop." Thank goodness! I made it in. I think that only about 20 more people behind me made it in. I was soooo happy. I found out that Weezer wasn't going on till 11:45pm, so my friends and I sat upstairs and had a few drinks. We went downstairs to watch Other Star People (the girl is from L7 and her brother was the singer) and my opinion of them is "they're OK". Weezer came on pretty promptly at 11:45pm. Not too much waiting. The floor was getting crowded and HOT. I was standing in between Brian and Rivers about 5 rows back. They started off with "My Name is Jonas" and the crowd went crazy. The only down times was when they sang the new songs that no one knew. There was about 4 new songs and I barely recall that one of them was called "Slob". I am sorry that I can't remember in more detail, but the whole night seemed like a dream. :) They also did the beginning riff to Ozzy's "Crazy Train" and the fans went crazy. They came for an encore ( I made it up to the front by then) after about a minute of fans chanting "WEEZER, WEEZER" and performed "Surf Wax America" and "Buddy Holly". The cutest part of the night that I can remember was when Rivers put up his arms and made the "W" sign with his hands. I also enjoyed the rambling words that he said during the beginning of "Undone-the Sweater Song". All in all, the night was a memorable one. I've never known them to put on a bad show, and this one was not an exception. The only disappointing part of the night was as I was leaving Spaceland, I saw the singer from Other Star People making-out with some girl and I heard him tell her "God, Weezer fans are the biggest nerds. Did you know that they got here at 11am this morning?" I walked off because I knew that deep inside, he WISHED he could have fans like us. That's loyalty! I am going to Warped Tour at the Anaheim Pond, and I am eagerly awaiting to see them again!

--Fifi K. Lee

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