Weezer concert: 08/13/1995

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This article is about Weezer's set during this show. For That Dog's performance, see That Dog concert: 08/13/1995.
Weezer concert: 08/13/1995
Tour World Domination Tour
Venue American Theater (now the Orpheum Theater)
Location St. Louis, MO
Date August 13, 1995
Associated album Weezer (The Blue Album)
Supporting acts That Dog
Tour Mngr Andy Proudfoot
Weezer live show chronology
08/12/1995 - Indianapolis, IN 08/13/1995 - St. Louis, MO 08/15/1995 - Denver, CO

Weezer performed at the American Theater in St. Louis, MO on August 13, 1995 as part of the World Domination Tour. That Dog was the opening act.


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