Weezer concert: 12/14/2000

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Weezer concert: 12/14/2000
Venue Spaceland
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date December 14, 2000
Debuts "Christmas Celebration"
"The Christmas Song"
Weezer live show chronology
09/17/2000 - Clovis, CA 12/14/2000 - Los Angeles, CA 12/15/2000 - Los Angeles, CA

Weezer (under the name Goat Punishment) performed at Spaceland in Los Angeles, California on December 14, 2000.


No. Title
1. "My Name Is Jonas"    
2. "El Scorcho"    
3. "Christmas Celebration" (live debut)  
4. "Say It Ain't So"    
5. "The Christmas Song" (live debut)  
6. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
7. "Buddy Holly"    
8. "Surf Wax America"    
No. Title
9. "Tired of Sex"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 12/14/2000

...an exhausting day...it started with Pre-production day 5... ...and continued with a Goat Punishment show!! Thank you to everyone who came out, and thanks to all who bought a limited edition GP shirt! The band was super stoked. Tomorrow, after weezer's Pre-production day 6, GP hits the Troubadour! Then, this weekend, Weezer takes the stage in the 2 nights of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas shows!

- Karl Koch


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