Where's My Sex?

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"Where's My Sex?"
Where's My Sex? cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Hurley
Released September 14, 2010
Length 3:28
Label Epitaph Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo & Greg Wells
Producer(s) Rivers Cuomo & Shawn Everett
Status Officially released
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Hurley track listing
"Where's My Sex?"
"Run Away"

"Where's My Sex?" is the fifth track on Hurley.



"Where's My Sex" was co-written by Rivers Cuomo with Canadian musician Greg Wells. Cuomo commented on the song's origin in a Q&A with SPIN.com in 2010:

I can’t remember now, if it was my two-year-old daughter that said it, or my wife said it, or my wife told me that my daughter said it — it was one of those three things.One of them accidentally said “Where’s my sex” instead of “Where’s my socks” — they couldn’t find their socks.And when I heard them say “Where’s my sex,” I just thought, “That’s a cool song title right there,” so I went and just started writing like crazy. And I wrote all the lyrics.First, I wrote it all about socks, like the song is all about trying to find your socks and how terrible it is when you’re not wearing socks.And then I just went back and changed a few letters in the word and it became a totally different animal.




Mom made my sex
She knitted it with her hands
Sex-making is
A family tradition
Going back to the caveman days
They were walking around in a haze
Until they figured it out
And they said, “gosh dang, this is great!”
But now I’m like a prehistoric screwball
Walking ‘round with no sex at all

I said,
Where’s my sex?
I thought it was here
Under the bench
But it isn’t there
I’ve got no idea where it disappeared to
I’m running late, I can’t be late
I can’t go out without my sex
It’s cold outside and my toes get wet
And people will think that I’m an alien
Just cruising in to make a friend

Meg likes to hide it
She says that it gives her a kick
It may be under the rug
Or stuck in a shoe closet
Or tumbling 'round in the washing machine
She’s always trying to get me clean
She adds detergent and Bounce to eliminate static cling
It’s gonna be another hour or more
Till I am ready to walk out the door

(Come on be my friend)
People can you hear me talking
I know you all are happy, rawking
Could you lend me a dime, pretty please?
Brother, sister got time? I've got no-
Sex on my feet
Sex in my drawer
Sex in my shoes
Or sex on the floor

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