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Zerwee, pt. 2

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Zerwee, Pt. 2
Zerwee, Pt. 2 cover
Studio album by Billy Cobb
Released July 2, 2020
Format digital, CD, cassette, vinyl
Genre Alternative rock
Length 45:25
Label self-published (digital)
Kerosene Records (CD)
Needlejuice Records (CD, cassette, vinyl)

Zerwee, pt. 2 is an album by musician Billy Cobb. It is a follow-up to the EP Zerwee, released in 2019.


As a follow-up to Zerwee, this album continues the theme of repurposing Weezer's sound, however the music present in this project tends to incorporate a much moodier and low-energy sound than its predecessor. Cobb comments on the production and tone of the album in the description of its release on YouTube, stating:

"Some will love it I’m sure, but I also understand that it’s not quite as upbeat as the first, which might make some prefer the first. The album certainly isn’t perfect, as the guitar tones sound almost nothing like I originally intended and the album was originally supposed to have live drums, which clearly isn’t the case. I really love the songs on here, but it was just very hard for me to produce them the way they were originally intended to sound like, and this was the best I could do. It also doesn’t help that the first EP gave such high expectations, so if this isn’t quite what you expected I apologize. Still, like I said before, I really like the songs."[1]

Similarly to Zerwee, the album was initially released digitally on Cobb's YouTube channel, however it also received physical releases in 2019 as a CD produced under the label Kerosene Records, and in 2021 as a CD, cassette, and vinyl under the label Needlejuice Records[2].

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Billy Cobb. 
No. Title Length
1. "The Barg'N-Mart"   5:29
2. "Oceans in Her Hair"   4:57
3. "Orihime and Hikoboshi"   4:50
4. "I Wish That I Was Younger"   2:57
5. "Blockbuster Video"   4:47
6. "Interlude"   0:32
7. "Sail Away Old Friend"   5:20
8. "Naita Aka Oni"   3:40
9. "Pepper’s Ghost"   5:39
10. "Ludo and Hoggle"   7:10
Total length:


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