Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1 (Num Num Mix)

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"Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1 (Num Num Mix)"
Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1 (Num Num Mix) cover
Compilation track by Karlophone
Released November 2003
Format CD
Length 5:21
Label Poor Records
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status officially released

"Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1 (Num Num Mix)" is a remix of a Kid Chocolat song done by Karl Koch, under his solo musical project Karlophone.


Karl Koch was contacted in July 2003 by the Swiss musician Kid Chocolat, who asked him to create a remix of one of his tracks for an upcoming EP release. The "Num Num Mix" of the Kid Chocolat song "Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1" (originally from Hello Children, The Peter Sellers EP) was promptly completed by Koch, around September of that year.[1] The remix was released on the compilation album Hello Children, The Peter Sellers Rmx in Switzerland in November 2003. Kid Chocolat would simultaneously remix a Karlophone track, "Desire", and continued to work with Koch throughout the 2000s.

Recording process

An in-depth description of the remix's completion was added to the "Recording Journal" section of Karlophone.com on September 1, 2003. It reads:

This is a wee bit after the fact, but I didnt have time to write about it when it was happening. What I'm referring to is the remix I did for Kid Chocolat. This started when [Swiss DJ/recording artist] Kid C. emailed me, praising "press any key..." and asking me if I'd be interested in doing a remix for him. I said sure, and he sent over his disc called "The Peter Sellers EP". I selected a song called "Peter Sellers Sings The Beatles", a rather eastern sounding techno raga which incorporated some old Sellers comedy material. He then sent over a CD of the raw elements of the track, so i could start from scratch...as it were...

Anyway, the remix work started back in July, in the secret lab where "press any key..." was recorded. I was hearing a sorta "When The Levee Breaks" sorta drum pattern in my head when I listened to the track, so I searched thru my crates till i lucked upon a punishing beat that did the trick once it was slowed down a bit. Then I found a slow mystical sounding organ loop that i decided could make a good B part. Kid C.'s track was really a one part song, and I felt that I could get it a bit more structured. Then I found some Walter Cronkite spoken word that matched the Peter Sellers vocals, and I knew I was onto something. I searched for more Sellers stuff, and found some good old movie bits, and a new story started to take shape.

Anyway, all the vinyl went into the ol' Akai sampler, and the tempos were matched up to the raga beat from Kid C.'s original. From the sampler, the sounds went thru the mixing board where EQ and levels were adjusted, and from there thru the VX pocket soundcard directly into my laptop, into Vegas Video 3. "Vegas Video?" you ask... Yeah, its fine for audio recording too. The thing is, it doesnt have the handy BPM/click track type stuff that Cubase has, so ill be switching back to Cubase SX once i get the "audio+video projects only" pc set up.

Then came the basic editing and assembly, which was a bitch due to aforementioned lack of click track - many of the bits werent quite the same lengths, so much tweaking and fudging was needed. Then came time to add some keyboards, bass in particular. Wilson was visiting and advised me on some notes to avoid so i wouldnt clash with the notes in the preexisting loops. Later i recorded a ton of possible basslines, using the vintage Univox 'Minikorg' analogue synth into a Line 6 guitar Pod [i forget the settings, it was just to give it the needed "beef"], into the mixing board, into the laptop.

Then it was back to L.A., where several weeks of off and on editing finally yielded the definitive Karlophone "Num-Num Mix" of "Peter Sellers Sings The Beatles". Kid Chocolat was very happy with it, and has offered to do a remix of a Karlophone track in return. He hasnt decided which one yet though. The Kid Chocolat remix album will be out in October '03, and is called "Hello Children, The Peter Sellers RMX". I have no idea if it will be available in the states, but it looks like it will be available for order from Kid Chocolat, as his other releases are. If i can get a clip of the remix up here, I will.
- Karl Koch, 2003[2]


Samples used

Location in song Source Author Album Year Link
Original song "Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1" (song) Kid Chocolat Hello Children, the Peter Sellers EP 2000 link

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