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Draft:List of unofficial commercial releases

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Mikey Welsh standing in front of a store display of bootleg CDs in Japan (2001)

This list of unofficial commercial releases intends to collate notable and well-documented physical media and merchandise sold without permission from Weezer. These releases are most commonly referred to as bootlegs.

Band perspective on bootleg releases


Bootleg albums

"Old School" bootleg CDs

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Geezer (9KTS-026-A, 1995)

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R-7433122-1441419395-9479.png (1).jpg
American Holiday (TOR038, 1995)

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Weezer-Rock Candy.jpg Trollrecords-boysatplay.jpg
Rock Candy (HR6037-1, 1995) and Boys at Play (TR020, 1995)

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Notable bootleg labels

Expire (1997)

See Expire

Alternative Edge Productions (2001–2002)

Sylph Records (2001–2008)

Wonder Boy Records (2002)

See Wonder Boy Records

Sangatte Records (2004–2012)

Von Knows (2005–2008)

Loose Dog

See Loose Dog

Loose Dog was one of the most prolific distributors of commercially-available Weezer bootleg CD-Rs during the early 2000s. Its releases include both collections of miscellaneous tracks as well as full audience-recorded live performances. Its releases do not feature release dates, however rough dates can be estimated based on what songs and recordings they include. The catalog number on each release indicates its release relative to other bootlegs on the same label; gaps in catalog numbers are caused by non-Weezer releases and, potentially, unknown releases.

Bsidesandraritiescover.jpg Bsidesandraritiessecondedition.png Bsidesandraritiesthirdedition.png Bsidesandraritiesvolume2cover.jpg
B-Sides and Rarities (LOOSE-019)[a] and B-Sides and Rarities Volume 2 (LOOSE-048)[a]
B-Sides and Rarities is a collection of widely circulated B-sides and live performances. It includes 18 Weezer tracks as well as "American Girls" by Homie, "Baby" by Rivers Cuomo, and "California" by the Rentals. It is the first known Weezer bootleg released by Loose Dog. It was released no earlier than June 1999—the earliest date "Velouria" was circulating—and likely earlier than 2001—as no Green-era songs or recordings are included. The CD (or a release sharing its artwork) appears to be visible in a photo of bootleg releases for sale in a Japanese music store featured on Karl's Corner in April 2001. It was re-released twice with minor alterations to its artwork; one of these re-releases is documented in the June 2002 issue of Beatleg magazine, wherein Weezer is featured.

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Surf Wax Mt Fuji Cover.png Bizarre Loose Dog cover.jpg Studiojamjune2001cover.jpg
Surf Wax Mt. Fuji (LOOSE-022), Bizarre (LOOSE-036),[a] and Studio Jam June 2001 (LOOSE-052)[a]
Surf Wax Mt. Fuji is an audience-recorded concert bootleg. Its audio is from Weezer's August 6, 2000 performance at the Summer Sonic Festival in Fujikyu, Japan. It contains the full 14-song performance, which included the SS2K-era songs "Too Late to Try", "Slob", and "Superstar", alongside the Pinkerton-era B-side "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" and songs from Weezer (The Blue Album) and Pinkerton.

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Trade Mark of Quality

Notable one-off bootleg CDs

Notable one-off bootleg vinyl

Notable one-off bootleg cassettes

Notable one-off bootleg video releases

Side band bootlegs


Notable Blue Album Tour bootleg merchandise

Notable Pinkerton Tour bootleg merchandise

Notable 2000s bootleg merchandise

Modern bootleg merchandise

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