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List of Brian Bell video streams

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Brian's home amp, 2021.

This is a list of every performance posted by Brian Bell on his private Instagram.

OK Human

All My Favorite Songs

Originally uploaded: March 2, 2021

Original caption: "'All My Favorite Songs' =w="

Aloo Gobi

Originally uploaded: February 26, 2021

Original caption: "'Aloo Gobi' =w= Maybe the dish gets bland over time, but these parts will keep me on toes for years."

Grapes of Wrath

Originally uploaded: March 4, 2021

Original caption: "'Grapes of Wrath' =w="

Other comments:

skywohka: There are so many more parts here they could have given you to play live even though on the album they’re orchestrated parts of the arrangements
Brian Bell: @skywohka you’re absolutely right, if we did play these in a stripped down fashion I would try incorporate some of the orchestral score. I worked around what was already there (since the orchestra was already recorded before I laid down my ideas) and these are all the ones that made the final cut. On these IG posts I am singing a hybrid/composite backing vocal idea combining Pat’s and my parts. One of the reasons I’m doing this is to see if these composite BGV ideas are working or not and which guitar or organ ideas make the most sense, since on the recording they sometimes overlap. Also, never underestimate the effectiveness of the musical rest. Not playing but internally counting and then entering on cue can be very effective. One of the proudest things about this record for me is the use of breaks. Pat does it in his drumming all over the record, but he’s always feeling that constant pulse.


Originally uploaded: February 28, 2021

Original caption: “'Numbers' =w= Fibonacci Sequence-Go Figure"

Other comments:

the_syllogisms: That Gmaj7 to Emin was juicy 🙌(can't tell capo position otherwise I'd be more accurate with my chord analysis 😅)
Brian Bell: @the_syllogisms I start with two capos, one @ 3rd and one @ 1st fret. During the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2...) I take off the capo at 3 because there is limited time to reposition a new capo and trust it’ll be in tune or not make any unwanted noise.

Playing My Piano/Mirror Image

Originally uploaded: March 1, 2021

'Original caption: Playing My Piano-Mirror Image'=w= Couplet sans la guitare"


Originally uploaded: March 6, 2021

Original caption: "'Screens' =w= Stare at your screen while I play along to a song about staring at screens."

Other comments:

rockadaisical: 🙏 hoping you’re rehearsing for HellaMegaTour... still have my tix for Pittsburgh 🙏
Brian Bell: @rockadaisical haha, maybe I should do a whole video series of me rehearsing to VAN WEEZER? See you in Pittsburgh!

Bird with a Broken Wing

Originally uploaded: March 6, 2021

Original caption: "'Bird with a Broken Wing' =w="

Dead Roses

Originally uploaded: February 27, 2021

Original caption: "'Dead Roses' =w= 💀 🌹"

Here Comes the Rain

Originally uploaded: February 25, 2021

Original caption: "'Here Comes The Rain' =w= Preparing for ☔️ 🎶 🎸"

La Brea Tar Pits

Originally uploaded: March 3, 2021

Original caption: "'La Brea Tar Pits' =w="

Van Weezer


Originally uploaded: May 1, 2021

Original caption: "Hero"

All The Good Ones

Originally uploaded: May 26, 2021

Original caption: "All of the Good Ones"

The End of the Game

Originally uploaded: May 29, 2021

Original caption: "End of the Game"

I Need Some of That

Originally uploaded: May 2, 2021

Original caption: "I Need Some of That"

Other songs

Tell Me What You Want

Originally uploaded: May 3, 2021

Original caption: "Tell Me What You Want?"

Other comments:

elschorcho: What’s this song from? It’s not on the track list for VW and I’ve never heard it be4

trelationship: @elschorcho Does anyone know the answer? Thanks. It’s on vidoe game, but not sure which one.

lehmann.shelby: Brian Bell from weezer I have a very important question for you. In precious metal girl I can’t tell who is doing the backing vocals is it you or Scott or both? Thanks king, you look so sexy!

trelationship: @lehmann.shelby I had to ask Suzy Shinn and she seems to remember it was me who sang a harmony underneath Rivers. But I sang so many parts that I’ve no specific memory of that one in particular.

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