Karl's Corner - 03/26/2002

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03/26/02 Histoire de Melody Nelson

special note:dusty west tour update!

some important dusty west '02 presale changes:
edmonton and calgary presales will END on Wednesday, March 27 at 5pm MT. the Missoula show now has a presale that starts wednesday.
the TOUR PAGE has all the info you'll need for internet presales! thanks to all of you planning on making it out to a show!
=rwa= news is also updated with new tour info & news!

...Today was big press day #1 in Paris. 17 different interviews were done, plus a crazy photo shoot with a photographer who had a broken leg but didnt care! Afterwards restaurants were patronized, the Champs-Elysees was strolled, cafes were explored and the vibe was mellow. tomorrow the guys start all over again, plus the "live" performance on this, what do you say...'Hit Machine'.
"...PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEE don't let weezer go to HIT MACHINE, this tv broadcast sucks a big time!!!!!" --concerned French fan
...hmmm. But heres the crazy part: Today, "Island in the Sun" went to #1 in Paris! For this area, often considered "unbreakable" by 'rock' acts (let alone U.S. rock acts) that is quite an accomplishment. Also, it marks weezers first ever #1 song anywhere! (true top 40 #1, not a specialty chart #1) Finally, after so many fits and starts, it looks like the tide for weezer in Europe is starting to turn. Who knows, in 6 months or a year, weezer may have risen out of the "underground cult" bunker its been hunkered down in over here... very exciting times indeed! Thanks are certainly due to the devoted fans who have stuck with weezer since their first feeble European tour in 1995.

...Mucho Maladroit:

  • 92.1 WMAD Madison, WI: "Dope Nose" was Number 1 in The "Madison's Most Wanted" countdown tonight.
  • WPGU Champaign IL: March Madness: Weezer won round 3 against Radiohead, and now is up against the Smashing Pumpkins. Voting starts Wednesday, at www.wpgu.com.
  • 104.1 WBCN Boston: played "death and destruction" DJ sez he was going to "dip into this new album", and "rivers is actually sounding better than he ever has", and "we got this letter here from Interscope saying to wait on playing this until the single is officially released. wellll, we're going to keep playing stuff off of this any way because this music is THAT good!!"
  • 99x Atlanta: playing Dope Nose
  • 92.7 WRRV Middletown/Poughkeepsie NY: playing Dope Nose
  • 101x austin "finally" played dope nose
  • 91.9 K-State Wildcat radio: Dope Nose debuted at #1! the first ever song to do that on 91.9
  • KXCR 89.5 Fm in El Paso,Texas: "Dope Nose" getting played!
  • Tiger 95.9, Auburn, AL: playing Dope Nose. debuted thursday.
  • 95.5 WBRU Providence: Dope Nose number 8 on the 12 Cuts Above the Rest countdown for the second week in a row.
  • Y100 Philly: dope nose was number 2 today on the top 7 at 8 countdown, up from number 6 yesterday.
  • Planet Radio 96.5, Lafayette, LA: has started playing "Dope Nose." Also included in their group of "hot new songs"
  • 94.3 Extreme Radio Knoxville, TN: Dope Nose is all over it.
  • 107.7 the end (kndd seattle) is still playing dope nose
  • 104.7 kteg albuquerque, new mexico: added dope nose to their play list.
  • 94.7 KNRK, portland oregon: has been playing "tons of weezer" including dope nose!
  • Y101, Richmond VA: "Dope Nose" at #3 on the "Plan 9 at 9" countdown
  • 102.9 the buzz, Nashville TN: "Dope Nose" getting played
  • 94.1 (the zone) Rochester NY: "...has been playing a lot of weezer; and they have a feature called mp3 monday where they put up a new mp3 on the website every hour -- and today every other one they feature is a maladroit track - that's maladroit every other hour..."
  • 102.7 WEQX Manchester VT/Albany: is playing "Dope Nose" "...like CRAZY! at least once every two hours, if not more. on their show "Download", they're playing new tracks every sunday night, they played "Keep Fishin" last night..."
  • 100.1 The Planet, New Hampshire: playing Dope Nose, DJ sez it was from the forthcoming album "Mandalay"...(?)
  • Krab 106.1, Bakersfield, CA: Dope Nose won the New Rock Rumble for the 5th week in a row, and was thus "retired"!
  • KFRR New Rock 104.1 Fresno, CA: started playing Dope Nose!

...international action!

  • Q92.7 Sudbury Ontario Canada: Dope Nose has won the 8:00 Showdown at least 3 times
  • CFUR 88.7fm, Prince George, BC, Canada: "...We played the 8 song Maladroit demo, along with tracks from Blue, Pinkerton, and Green! It rocked! Dope Nose and Keep Fishin' are also being played everyday..."
  • fm96 London, Ontario, Canada: "Dope Nose" debuted at #12 on the top 30 countdown
  • 100.3 The Bear, Edmonton, Alberta: now playing Dope Nose
  • Edge 102.1 Toronto, Canada - Still rocking Dope Nose!
  • 104.9XFM, Vancouver, Canada: March 22nd: Dope Nose was #2 on the "7 at 7", also Keep Fishin' was played.
  • XFM, London UK: DJ Zane Lowe played 'dope nose' on the 'music response' show.
  • Triple J Australia: On the annual Hottest 100 this year, Hash Pipe came in at #20, and Island In The Sun came in at #7. The radio presenter noted that "Ben Harper's version of The Drugs Don't Work came in at *22, Hash Pipe came in at #20, I think that tells us that the drugs do work". Also: "...Island In The Sun was being played on every FM radio station, including the commercial ones and the independent ones. Even Mix FM which normally plays only stuff like Britney and NSync played them..."
  • Japan: "...Finally, Dope Nose was aired in Japan! One of the most popular FM station, J-Wave aired it a couple of days ago..."