Karl's Corner - 03/31/2002

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03/31/02 Rush I Some Dub

...Weezster egg madness!

...by...(top) Jake, (row 2): Jon and Joile F., Sarah, Beth, Dorie and Christine, (row 3): S., Jeff and Shelley Chapman, (bottom): Mike...

...Well, Sunday marked a quiet Easter day when most stores closed early, families got together, my grandfather turned 96 years old, and weezer did a photo shoot for Alternative Press.

...Maladroit mysteries...
Now both Mtv and Mtv.com and Sonicnet have announced that Maladroit is set to be released on May 14. Meanwhile, fans who work in 2 separate book/record store chains have both spotted Maladroit ship/release dates of April 30th on their store's computers. Both of these contradict the May 7th we've heard from other sources as well. Additionally, over in the UK at the shows, the record company was supplying flyers announcing the release to be April 29th (which is the same as an April 30th date in the USA). However, so far we here at weezer.com have not been told a final release date, and we tend to have pretty good sources... In any event the record, whenever its out, is already selling pretty darn good, ranking anywhere between #60 and #130 on the amazon.com sales chart, depending on when you look!

...Television: the drug of a nation...
The next episode of a TV show called "Ed" (airs on NBC this Wednesday at 8PM EST) will feature an appearence of the current single "Dope Nose". According to someone close to the show, it will be "in the second half of Wednesday's show. It is a featured background in a party scene."

...radio one: youre the only one...
Heads Up: steve lamaqc's interview with weezer will be aired on wednesday night 8-10pm GMT on radio 1 UK [live webcast] (97-99fm) AND:Weezer's Brixton gig will broadcast live on Radio 1 in the UK on April 15th (approx mid afternoon in the US). So tune into the webcast! They're likely to broadcast extended highlights (not quite the full show).

...random note: "Photograph" video...
Several folks have written in that theyve seen the Photograph video on some in-store video systems, such as in Champs Sports. I've done some checking and confirmed that the video they are showing is the live in San Diego MTV2 version from the Extended Midget Tour. Now, if you see a Photograph video somewhere with Pat riding a scooter and other assorted silliness mixed in, That's the "real" one. Let me know if you see that one!