Karl's Corner - 03/29/2002

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03/29/02 state of yo

"...Congratulations guys. My friend went online to get some tickets for your upcoming show in Calgary an hour and 15 mins. after they went on sale, and the floor was already sold out. Sucks for us, but it's good news for you guys. Looking forward to seeing ya..." ---Kody

...today the guys had a photo shoot with Spin, the big mag which has had kind of a love/hate/ignore/repeat relationship towards weezer over the years. This is apparently for a fairly big story, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks/months(?).

...Maladroit: whats the story?
We've been getting a lot of confused emails and conflicting reports about the release date of Maladroit. About the only thing I know for sure is that the record stands a pretty good chance of being released now, as opposed to even that basic fact being uncertain a few weeks ago. As for when exactly, theres the thing. Now, amazon.com is already advertising the album for preorder (and yes thats the real cover, barring a last minute change), claiming that it will be released April 30th. I have learned 2 basic facts at this point: 1.there has NOT yet been a release date assigned to the record by the bigwigs at Geffen/Interscope, and 2. we are ALMOST POSITIVE that the release date is NOT going to be April 30th. Meanwhile, some readers in Toronto have spotted a print advertisement for the album, in "Exclaim!", a local music-oriented newspaper. The ad claims that Maladroit will be "on streets Tuesday May 7!", yet another claim of uncertain origin. Now, this date is at least possible, as it hasnt been practically ruled out like April 30th has. However, even this date is pure speculation at this point. As we get closer to these dates, the tension is building, and I, like you, hope we get some solid info soon!

...meanwhile, excitement over the album continues to escalate, with "Dope Nose" rising to #19 (from #27) with an "air power" designation, on this weeks Billboard Modern Rock chart. Right on! Thanks for your requests and persistance!

...note #1: French viewers (whether they hate the show or not), will be able to watch Weezer doing "Island" on the "Hit Machine" show, as the show they appeared on is being broadcast on April 6th.

...note #2: for UK listeners: Monday, April 15th from 8-10pm GMT: On Steve Lamaqc's show on BBC radio 1, weezer's brixton gig will be broadcast! Not sure if its the whole show or just highlights.