Karl's Corner - 12/02/2000

From Weezerpedia

"im angered that weezer is so unaware of the intensity of their fan
base as well as the feeling im getting of disconnection because your no
longer my deep little secret. Don't get me wrong im glad weezer is up and
about again, but they are going so mainstream with it and its not even for
their fans now."

"I would support any decision that they make, except for one. Going on MTV.
I was watching the spin.com interview, and I couldn't help but almost have a
heartattack as Mikey and Brian expressed their desires to be on the biggest
sellout show of all time, TRL. Now I know these two chaps have great senses of
humor, so I hope this was all a joke. But please, don't let weezer be on posters
that will be hung in a little 12-year-old girl's room."

"The only thing i am scared of and things other people might be scared
about is you all going VERY VERY mainstream like.........as popular as a band
like blink182 or limp bizkit. Yeah....... i mean i would love for you guys
to go somewhat mainstream.....but i would be really disappointed if you guys
ended up on TRL or frequently appearing on Mtv. I think this would cause
weezer to loose their supportive fanbase and the people who would have
always like you and turning the fanbase into a bunch of teenypoppin 10-20 yr
old people who will listen to that one single or two for a month and then
never listen to the album again."

"...I do see a problem with sailing under a corporate flag. Weezer loses its
garage-band-type appearance when this company goes and spends money on the tour."

"Weezer is formost a pop band. Of course. But they have strong grunge/indie
influences. I would hate to see that s**t on."

"it is easy to feel dissapointed at the recent swell in weezer fan numbers. it's
us hard-core fans who have been with =w= since the beginning, have always seen weezer
as a little-known secret of musical genius. now, with so many people starting to
like weezer, being a fan is becoming more and more impersonal, and doesn't mean as
much to us. i enjoy the new material also, but i feel that it is attempting to please
too large of an audience."