Karl's Corner - 12/07/2000

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...please note the changed info on those GP shows below in the 12/6 report...

...and, "The Christmas CD" has hit the airwaves! read on...reports moved to weezer fans' new page

...the link to slcd.com has been removed, as we have learned that the "real slim santa (Kevin and Bean CD)" is now sold out from that location....sorry...

...just learned of some new confirmed tour dates for this spring, in Japan:

April 10 Nagoya : Diamond Hall
April 11 Nagoya : Diamond Hall
April 12 Tokyo : Zepp
April 13 Tokyo : Zepp
April 16 Sendai : Zepp
April 18 Fukuoka : Zepp
April 19 Hiroshima : Astel Plaza
April 20 Osaka : Zepp
April 21 Osaka : Zepp