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Karl's Corner - 12/15/2000

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Karlscorner-20001215-a.jpg Karlscorner-20001215-b.jpg
...Goat Punishment at the Troubador...

Karlscorner-20001215-c.jpg Karlscorner-20001215-d.jpg
...Jonas, Garage, Xmas Celebration, Say it aint So, Xmas Song, Undone, Buddy H., Surf Wax...

...The Get Up Kids are now definitely confirmed as the second opening act on the Feb/Mar tour! Also, the first opening slot is now 99 percent sure, announcement soon...

...Pre-production day 6 was really cool, the run through of the songs sounded stellar, so much progress has been made this week! Now Ric is going home for the holidays, (album recording starts on the 27th) but first he came down to the Troubador to catch Goat Punishment!