Karl's Corner - 12/13/2000

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...Pre-production day 4...

...The first of the 3 Goat Punishment shows approaches! Goat Punishment, "weezer's favorite band", plays tonight, Thursday the 14th, at L.A.'s Spaceland. We have learned the exciting news that the GP has decided to cover all weezer songs this time out, and will do so for all 3 GP shows. What a treat. Come on down if you can! the latest details:

Spaceland Thursday Dec 14th: 21+, about 11 pm, about a 30 min set, also: (Nerfherder member Justin Fisher's) Psoma. note that we have been told that tickets to the this show will only be sold online at ticketweb.com, with no tickets available at the door. I'm not sure why they would do that, so I cannot 100 percent confirm this bit of info...

Troubador Friday Dec 15th: all ages, early set (2nd of 4 bands), about a 30 min set.....The Troubador show is on sale now at Ticketmaster.com. (look for the "Caustic Resin" show 12/15)

Knitting Factory (LOS ANGELES) Dec 30th: all ages, headlining show! also: Ozma opens......tickets for the Knitting Factory show go on sale sometime after the 18th, at the Knitting Factory box office, and are only available in person.