Karl's Corner - 12/05/2000

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Poll Winners The Get Up Kids to open on Feb/March Tour

...Weezer has confirmed The Get Up Kids as the second opening slot (middle slot of 3 bands, the 3rd being weezer) for the "outloud" Feb/March tour. The weezer guys are especially glad that we are able to bring them along, due to the fact that they won first place in the "opening acts" poll we ran a little while ago, and they seem to share a lot of fans with weezer. Meanwhile, the first opening slot has not been confirmed, but we hope to announce this soon. The band that weezer is trying to get was in fact the runners-up in the poll, so we are crossing our fingers...

...Recording update: as announced previously, the pre-production period was extended a bit at Geffen's request, which actually has paid off. The song list is being tightened up, and the songs remaining are improving daily. Still more demos are being cut, and Ric Ocasek will be in town in less than a week, to oversee a final week of rehersal, where the album/b-side song list will be finalized and the song arrangements battened down.