List of common abbreviations used on Weezer forums

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This list is an attempt to document every abbreviation used by board members on online Weezer forums.

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Abbreviation Meaning
=GP= Goat Punishment
=W= Weezer
=WP= Weezerpedia
60WS 60 Wrong Sausages
7MM Seven More Minutes
A6 Albumsix
ABNW All Bands Not Weezer
ATNW All Things Not Weezer
ATS Across the Sea
ATW All Things Weezer


Abbreviation Meaning
BH Buddy Holly
BttS Back to the Shack
BvH Beverly Hills


Abbreviation Meaning
CDW Cold Dark World
COR Catalog of Riffs


Abbreviation Meaning
D&D Death and Destruction
DLG Don't Let Go


Abbreviation Meaning
EGD Everybody Get Dangerous
EWACTFAA Everyone Wants a Chance to Feel All Alone
EWBAITE Everything Will Be Alright in the End


Abbreviation Meaning
FFY Falling for You
FMO Freak Me Out
FTW, commonly ftw 'For the win'


Abbreviation Meaning
GTFO 'Get the fuck out'
GUAL Getting Up and Leaving


Abbreviation Meaning
HYED Haunt You Every Day


Abbreviation Meaning
IAWTP 'I agree with this post'
ITG In the Garage
IITS Island in the Sun
IJTOTLOMD I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
IRL "In real life"
IWTTYHT I Want to Take You Home Tonight
IWYT I Want You To
(IYWIIWYT) IWYT (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To


Abbreviation Meaning
KD-DO or KDDO Knock-down Drag-out


Abbreviation Meaning
MB Make Believe
MBF My Best Friend
MNIJ My Name is Jonas


Abbreviation Meaning
NOE No One Else


Abbreviation Meaning
OKH OK Human
OID Only in Dreams


Abbreviation Meaning
PD Pacific Daydream
PP Post-Pinkerton
POW The Purification of Water
PS Perfect Situation
PnB Pork and Beans
QFT 'Quoted for truth'


Abbreviation Meaning
RCB Rivers Cuomo Band or Rivers Correspondence Board
ROTR Return of the Rentals


Abbreviation Meaning
SFTBH Songs from the Black Hole
SIAS Say It Ain't So
SaDL Strange And Distant Land
SS2K Summer Songs of 2000 or Supersport 2000
SWIM She Who Is Militant


Abbreviation Meaning
TAATO The Angel and the One
TBA The Blue Album
TGA The Green Album
TGL The Good Life
TGMTEL The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
TIK Thought I Knew
TDIYH The Damage in Your Heart
TISP This Is Such a Pity
TITW This Is the Way
TL;DR or TL/DR or TLDR "Too long, didn't read"
TPGITWWW The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World
TOS Tired of Sex
TOW The Other Way
TRA The Red Album
TSG The Special Goodness
TWHTALMH or TWHTLMH The World Has Turned and Left Me Here


Abbreviation Meaning
VCD Video Capture Device
VW Van Weezer
WAAIL We Are All in Love
WAAOD We Are All on Drugs
WYCB Who You Callin' Bitch?
YGYLTMS You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
YWGWMT You Won't Get With Me Tonight