My Name Is Jonas

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"My Name Is Jonas"
My Name Is Jonas cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Blue Album)
Released May 10, 1994
Recorded August-September 1993 at Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY
Length 3:24
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Cuomo/Wilson/Cropper
RC# 126
COR# 19
Producer(s) Ric Ocasek
Status Officially released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"I Am Your Blue Sky"
(RC# 125)
"My Name Is Jonas"
(RC# 126)
"Only in Dreams"
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Weezer (The Blue Album) track listing
"My Name Is Jonas"
"No One Else"
Weezer (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2) track listing
"My Name Is Jonas (Live)"
"Surf Wax America (Live)"
The Kitchen Tape track listing
"Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me"
"My Name Is Jonas"
"Let's Sew Our Pants Together"

Buddy Holly (UK Retail CD) track listing
"Buddy Holly"
"My Name Is Jonas (Live)"
"Surf Wax America (Live)"

Undone (French Retail CD/French Promo 7" Single (Blue Vinyl)) track listing
"My Name Is Jonas"
This song is part of the "My Name Is Jonas" lineage of songs
  • "when somebody asks you what the name of your son is do you say peter, jonathan, ogilve; this sounds like catharsis" (1991)
  • "Port O' Jonas" (1993)
  • "My Name Is Jonas" (1994)

"My Name Is Jonas" is the first track from Weezer's self-titled debut album.



Written by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson and Jason Cropper, "My Name Is Jonas" is one of only a handful of early Weezer tracks with a co-writing credit. Notably, Cropper came up with the song's fingerpicked intro, which gave him his only songwriting credit on a Weezer song. The song was written during the 50 song project, and is one of the earliest collaborations between Cuomo and Wilson. Wilson came up with the instrumentation parts and let Cuomo write the lyrics, melodies and solo.

"My Name is Jonas" was inspired by Cuomo's brother, Leaves Cuomo. Says Rivers, "'Jonas' explains how The Plan is reaming us all, especially my brother."

At one point, the song was erroneously named by Geffen Records as the Blue Album's third single. Before "Say It Ain't So" was officially chosen as a single by consensus among the band, Todd Sullivan, and the label, Geffen had printed up limited runs of a "My Name is Jonas" one-track promo CD, and distributed them, primarily in Canada. These CDs are among some of the rarer Weezer collectibles.

"Jonas" has proven to be the song most often used as a show opener, having opened most shows on the tours for The Blue Album, Pinkerton, SS2K, and The Red Album, as well as sporadic other shows.

The original Kitchen Tape demo ended with the line, "My name is Weezer."

"My Name is Jonas" was featured as a playable master track on the rhythm video game Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. It was also made available as a downloadable song for the Rock Band game series, in addition to Rocksmith 2014.

Songwriting Process

In 2019, Jason Cropper recalled the songwriting process in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment [1]

I got home from work [at the Italian restaurant], and I remember I was still wearing my cook's outfit. I picked up the guitar and played that first part of what became the intro to ‘My Name Is Jonas,’ and Pat [Wilson] said, ‘Stop. Just do that. Just don't keep going to different chords, just do those three notes, those three chords!’ And he puts the mic in front of the guitar, and I do it. And then he's like, ‘OK, give me the guitar.’ Then he took it and wrote the rest of the music, I believe, and then gave it to Rivers, who wrote all the words and all the melody and finished the song. That was typical of the creative process. It was like I maybe got to just throw a penny's worth of information into what became a full dollar bill.



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Lyric sheet for "My Name Is Jonas".

My name is Jonas
I'm carrying the wheel
Thanks for all you've shown us
But this is how we feel
Come sit next to me
Pour yourself some tea
Just like grandma made
When we couldn't find sleep
Things were better then
Once but never again
We've all left the den
Let me tell you 'bout it

The choo-choo train left right on time
A ticket cost only your mind
The driver said "Hey man, we go all the way"
Of course we were willing to pay

My name is Wepeel
I got a box full of your toys
They're fresh out of batteries
But they're still makin' noise, makin' noise
Tell me what to do
Now the tank is dry
Now this wheel is flat
And you know what else?
Guess what I received
In the mail today
Words of deep concern
From my little brother

The building's not goin' as he planned
The foreman has injured his hand
The dozer will not clear a path
The driver swears he learned his math

The workers are going home!
The workers are going home!
The workers are going home!
The workers are going home!

The workers are going home!
The workers are going home!
The workers are going home!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

My name is Jonas

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