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Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer

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Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer
Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer cover
Tribute album by various
Released January 22, 2002
Format CD, vinyl
Recorded various
Genre Alternative rock
Label Dead Droid Records

Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer is an album released by Dead Droid Records. It was released January 22, 2002. The compilation was released on both CD and double-vinyl.

Track listing

No. TitlePerformed by Length
1. "My Name Is Jonas"  Affinity 4:38
2. "No One Else"  Piebald 3:03
3. "Holiday"  Glasseater 3:15
4. "Surf Wax America"  Grade 2:45
5. "Say It Ain't So"  Further Seems Forever 4:10
6. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  Christopher John 6:12
7. "Susanne"  Midtown 2:23
8. "Jamie"  Dashboard Confessional 4:09
9. "El Scorcho"  The Stereo 4:19
10. "Tired of Sex"  Mycomplex 2:52
11. "The Good Life"  The Impossibles 3:55
12. "Only in Dreams"  Mock Orange 4:39
13. "Butterfly"  The Ataris 2:46


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