We Will Rock You!

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We Will Rock You!
We Will Rock You! cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released 2008
Recorded September 9, 2008

On September 9, 2008 Weezer performed at Aichiken Kinrou Kaikan in Nagoya, Japan. The first three songs were hootenannies.

The show was later released in 2008 as an unofficial CD, titled We Will Rock You! by the Japanese label "Upper Bottom Records".

Bootleg Tracklist

  1. "opening"
  2. "Island In The Sun"
  3. "El Scorcho (Brian)"
  4. "Beverly Hills"
  5. "Dope Nose (Scott)"
  6. "Pork & Beans"
  7. "Hash Pipe"
  8. "Susanne"
  9. "Buddy Holy"
  10. "Pink Triangle"
  11. "Automatic (Pat)"
  12. "Say It Ain't So"
  13. "Keep Fishin'"
  14. "My Name Is Jonas (Scott)"
  15. "Greatest Man"
  16. "Perfect Situation (Scott)"
  17. "Troublemaker"
  18. "Undone-The Sweater Song"
  19. "We Will Rock You (Pat)" (Queen cover)


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