Weezer concert: 04/16/2001

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Weezer concert: 04/16/2001
Tour Japan Tour (2001)
Venue Zepp
Location Sendai, Japan
Date April 16, 2001
Associated album Weezer (The Green Album)
Weezer live show chronology
04/15/2001 - Tokyo, Japan 04/16/2001 - Sendai, Japan 04/17/2001 - Nagoya, Japan

Weezer performed at the Zepp in Sendai, Japan on April 16, 2001 as part of their 2001 tour of Japan.


No. Title
1. "I Do"    
2. "Photograph"    
3. "Tired of Sex"    
4. "In The Garage"    
5. "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly"    
6. "Island in the Sun"    
7. "The Good Life"    
8. "The Christmas Song"    
9. "Why Bother?"    
10. "Butterfly"    
11. "Hash Pipe"    
12. "Say It Ain't So"    
13. "Buddy Holly"    
14. "Simple Pages"    
15. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
No. Title
16. "Only in Dreams"    
17. "Surf Wax America"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 04/16/2001

Dan sez: "Sendai was another successful show, nothing of extreme note, no fairy flew out of the guitar case in my heart. Atom joined in on maracas for Island in the Sun, and Mikey dedicated Only in Dreams to the late Joey Ramone. Everyone is in good spirits."

- Karl Koch


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