Weezer concert: 07/09/1992

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Weezer concert: 07/09/1992
Weezer concert: 07/09/1992 cover
Flyer by Matt Sharp and Pat Finn.
Venue The Central (Club Dump)
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date July 9, 1992
Supporting acts Wayne
12 and Counting
Guests Mykel and Carli Allan
Bootleg Show was filmed, recording not in circulation
Weezer live show chronology
06/22/1992 - Los Angeles, CA 07/09/1992 - West Hollywood, CA 07/18/1992 - West Hollywood, CA

Weezer performed at Club Dump (The Central) in West Hollywood, California on July 9, 1992. Wayne, Loungefly, and 12 and Counting also performed. This was notably the first Weezer concert attended by future Weezer Fan Club founders Mykel and Carli Allan.


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The band experienced some technical difficulties at the beginning of "Undone - The Sweater Song." As Karl Koch recounted:

"Undone" had a super long intro, due to Rivers' amp blowing up. After securing the permission to use another bands amp he returned to the stage and the intro riff had been going for several minutes. He said "This riff doesnt get old, does it?" Jason replied "Now you have to play through a Carvin! ha ha ha!"

- Karl Koch



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