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Featured article: Alec Longstreth

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Alec Longstreth is a Santa Fe, NM-based cartoonist. He has done illustration work for Weezer on multiple occasions, and his art is currently being used for the band's stage design on the Indie Rock Road Trip.

Other notable Weezer-related works of his include posters for the Memories Tour in 2011, an illustration of the Rhino-Lad incident for the Today in Weezer History series on Weezer's official Facebook page in 2014, and the cover art for "It's Been So Long," a Weezer Fan Club-exclusive single released in 2019.

Longstreth became a fan of Weezer in 1995, and has attended multiple Weezer concerts over the years, many of which he chronicled in his self-published minicomic series Phase Seven. Three issues of Phase Seven (#017, #018, and #019) comprise the short series Weezer Fan, about Longstreth's experiences as a Weezer fan.

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