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The following page holds the content that will be "transcluded" (i.e. sent over to) the Main Page as a featured song for May 2023. For assistance with editing, please consult Help:Featured song.

Featured song: "Restart"

"Restart" is a song by the California-based rock band Ozma, a Weezer-contemporary and collaborator. It is the ninth track from their third studio album Spending Time on the Borderline, which was officially released on May 6, 2003.

The song has seen an increase in popularity in the 2020s. It hit one million Spotify plays on February 23, 2022, and as of April 2023 it trails only "Domino Effect" as the band's second most-listened-to song on the platform. The song was cited by guitarist Jose Galvez as his favorite Ozma song to play live during a fan interview for the 20th anniversary of The Doubble Donkey Disc.

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