AIM chat with Rivers Cuomo - January 8, 2002

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The following are excerpts from a chat that took place on AIM that were posted on the now defunct In the interest of posterity, they have not been edited for typographical errors by Weezerpedia. -megasnorkel

Kyle: so, are you gonna tour summer/fall of 2002?

Kyle: Or is that february 2002 Us tour all that there is.

Rivers: we're getting into a rhythm of about a month on the road/ month in the studio that we'll keep up indefinitely

Kyle: Because I live in Michigan, and none of the current dates are remotely close to me, but I'm set on seeing another tour soon.

Kyle: Kalamazoo rocked. So did Detroit.

Rivers: kalamazoo was good

Rivers: detroit sucked ass

Kyle: Why?

Rivers: no confidence

Kyle: Just a big stadium?

Kyle: I mean, what plays into that?

Rivers: i haven't figured it out. it's pretty random.

Kyle: So, how is the new album looking, what are your favorite songs?

Rivers: album 4 or album 5?

Kyle: Album 4.

Kyle: The one that your doing the demos for right now.

Rivers: pretty damn good. but i have weird taste.

Kyle: What's your favorite song off Album 4?

Kyle: You sound like you sing dope nose with a lot of energy.

Rivers: it's not my favorite. i like the new bgvs

Kyle: Yeah, are you writing those right now, or are they guys?

Rivers: they are! pretty awesome! scott rules.

Kyle: Yeah, he seems like a cool guy, how has the transition been with him comming in?

Rivers: amazing.

Kyle: Word up to that.

Kyle: haha.

Kyle: So...any plans on So Low or We Go Together for album 4, I know those are pretty popular, at least on the rebel board.

Kyle: I know Jason would love for So Low in the studio.

Rivers: its weird how those songs fell out of favor at the last second.

Kyle: Yeah, any chance of them comming back?

Rivers: well, we only have 8 days left to finish recording so i don't think so

Kyle: Oh really? 8 days? And then it gets mixed down?

Rivers: yeah

Kyle: So, your new technique of releasing some demos on the website, have you guys been getting some good feedback with that

Kyle: Some 'constructive critisicm'

Rivers: amazing feedback. very constructive

Kyle: That's good, but that way there is no real surprise when it comes out, a little dissapointing.

Rivers: much better than a producer or rec exec

Kyle: Yeah, will you continue to use the internet for suggestions on album 5?

Rivers: no surprise for the 40,000 or so fans that download but that's a small fraction of our audience. the rest will be surprised

Rivers: we'll see. things are always evolving

Kyle: Yeah. So about album 5...when is that slated for release.

Rivers: i'm going to put up some album 5 songs soon.

Kyle: If you had your way.

Rivers: nov

Kyle: I read in one of your emails to a fan that it might have some more personal that true?

Rivers: yes they're personal

Kyle: That sounds cool. How many songs have you written for that so far?

Rivers: 7

Rivers: several about my bbs experiences

Kyle: For green I know you wrote a ton of songs every day, and then kinda widdeled them down, are these more carefully written the first time, or have you just strated, seeing how there are only 7 songs.

Kyle: started*

Rivers: i don't write as much now, but still a lot.

Kyle: If you had to compare the sound of album 5 to Blue, Pinkerton, Green, Or Alubm 4, which would you say it is most like?

Rivers: combo of green and pink if that's possible! and some 4. but really it's a new different style.

Rivers: it very well may change before we get there, though

Kyle: Yeah, that is true, it is a while away.

Rivers: we'll start demo-ing soon

Kyle: Alright, well I have to go. I hope you can find some time to chat with me again, but I'll always have some good questions for you.

Rivers: c-ya!

Kyle: Nice talkin' to you again Mr Cuomo.