AOL UK chat with Weezer - July 2, 2001

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Web interview with Weezer
Publication AOL Live (UK)
Interviewee Weezer
Interviewer Unknown (UKMCLive)
Date July 2, 2001
Title Untitled
Format Web
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Associated concert Weezer concert: 07/03/2001
Weezer concert: 07/04/2001
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Untitled interview
Author: Unknown (UKMCLive) (AOL Live)
Published: July 2, 2001

What style of girls do I like? The kind that run at me naked and screaming covered in Au Ju sauce." - Pat

UKMCLive: A few words before we kick off?

Pat: Hello, my name is Pat, I'm in Weezer

Brian: Hi my name is Brian, I love Peggy.

UKMCLive: Welcome Pat, Brian and I love Peggy:). And Rivers, of course.

Rivers: Hi I'm Rivers,

UKMC 2: First one from Notwipingiscool... What are your views on Punk Rock (e.g. Blink 182) and Nu-Metal (e.g. Papa Roach)?

Rivers: I prefer metal

Pat: I prefer actual metal like Tool

Rivers: death to false metal[Note 1]

UKMC 2: Aeslattery asks... How would you describe the cultural relationship between the USA and Britain and how much a part do you think music plays?

Pat: that's just such a huge question

Rivers: It seems to me that America ignores Britain and the rest of the world it's very self centred.

Brian: 2 people separated by a common language

UKMC 2: DGilbert720 asks... what inspired you to use sumo wrestlers in ure video?

Pat: the angel Gabriel in a dream the night before the shoot

UKMC 2: No Big Hair asks... to weezer, isnt tennis boring?

All: yes

Brian: except the last match point, that's exciting

UKMC 2: Wildadvocate asks... what was the nature of writing the album?

Pat: there wasn't much nature involved

Brian: it was more city, there was more cement

Pat: we tend to use nature sparingly

UKMC 2: Mercury80h asks.... can i have your glasses?

Pat: no...

UKMC 2: Jamickuk asks... The video for Hash Pipe is hilarious. Where did you film it?

Brian: we filmed it at Warner Bros Lot 1.

UKMC 2: Themikmoney asks... Hi all I'm Helen, you guys are the best band ever, and I'm going be see you on Wednesday!!! I'm just too excited! Any chance you can give us a hint what u might be on your set list? I hope your going to play "across the sea", "island in the sun", "pink triangle" and "Jamie" because they are mine and my girlfriends songs. Oh damn it I hope u play them all!!

Rivers: check our website

Pat: thank you for your interest in Weezer

UKMC 2: Roberta weezer asks.... u guys have a lot of fans here in brasil ....are u coming in latin america this tour?

Pat: no

Rivers: February

UKMC 2: RPanox asks... why did u take such a long break between your last album guys?

Rivers: we only took a one week break. What are you talking about?

Pat: who let you in here?

UKMC 2: SmellyTail asks... what do u think of radiohead??

Brian: I think they're great they make beautiful music

Rivers: I think they sound like Muse

UKMC 2: Julie2k651 asks... how did u enjoy the mtv movie awards?

Brian: not too well

Pat: we were good

UKMC 2: AndrewBellenger says... oh yeah weezer do u kno when u played on T4 on sunday they called ur song half pipe?

Pat: WHAT!!!

UKMC 2: Da12Cposse asks... what sort of music do u listen to?

Pat: Weezer, every day

Brian: Northern soul

Pat: I listen to Mikey crying and Rivers and Brian playing

UKMC 2: Roberta from Brazil again... what would you guys tell for everyone whos starting with a band?

Rivers: Don't give up, reach for the stars

Pat: contact Ed McMahon

UKMC 2: StaindrulesM asks... wuts ur guy's all time favorite band?

Brian: Beatles

Pat: Smiths

Rivers: Scorpions

UKMC 2: Smelly Tail asks... what is that on your table? it looks yummy.

Brian: Tuna salad sandwich from M & S, strawberries, chocolate mini rolls (death star logs).

UKMC 2: Gellifawr asks.. Ash play a great cover of 'Only In Dreams', will you be playing any covers tomorrow night when I see you? - Neil

Pat: No

Rivers: we'll cover some songs off the first Weezer album

UKMC 2: Geremof asks.... you guys must get pretty tired of all this promo stuff and touring, what do you guys do to keep urself entertained on the road (apart from hackie sack)?

Brian: playstation 2

UKMC 2: Marilynmansoneer asks.... if you were stuck on an island, what 3 things would you take with you?

Pat: when I left the island? two coconuts and some sand

Brian: Three toothbrushes, some sunscreen

Pat: a boat

Brian: a cell phone

Pat: a luxury liner with a full crew and a band

UKMC 2: Notwipingiscool asks... What type of music do you absolutely despise?

Brian: commercial r&b

Rivers: alternative rock

Pat: the type that 'blows up'

UKMC 2: DexTA1218 asks... who are your childhood tv heros?

Pat: Definitely Lee Majors, the $6 million man

Rivers: Magnum PI

Pat: Fonzy

UKMC 2: Superleeds84 asks... hey there guys. Great new single by the way!! I would just like to know which British bands do you like at the moment??

Brian: Coldplay

Pat: Blur, Oasis

Brian: Radiohead, Elbow

Rivers: Bush

UKMC 2: DGilbert asks... a lot of people have classified wheatus(nowhere near as good as u) as "geek rock" - do u think u fall into this category along with others?

Pat: I try not to fall into it, when I'm walking

UKMC 2: No BIG hair asks... weezer....when i first got into you back in good ol 94 many comparisons were drawn with yourselves and pavement...were you into malkmus and co much back then??

Pat: I liked Pavement then

Brian: I really like the first two records, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain and Slanted & Enchanted

Pat: it's all about hot keys

UKMC 2: Jamickuk asks... Tell us something about yourselves that we don't know.

Pat: I'm not sure what you know

Rivers: I think you know everything

UKMC 2: BatmanPunk1 asks... Do you watch cartoons?

Brian: yes, I like Johnny Bravo

Rivers: pornographic anime

Rivers: Mikey and I watch spaceghost

UKMC 2: Adampounder asks... How do you feel about your song about drugs being converted into a song about a skateboard ramp by MTV?

Rivers: we're pissed

Brian: I think the two go hand in hand

Pat: I haven't been honest about my feelings in a long time

UKMC 2: Mercury80h asks... pat, what was the last book you read?

Pat: the last book I read was George Carlin 'Napalm and Silly Putty' but I was disappointed

UKMC 2: OnlyInDreams32 asks... Who would you most like to tour with?

Rivers: Rammstein

Pat: Led Zeppelin but only if they played 'When the Levee Breaks' over and over for hours

UKMC 2: Matt102314 asks... have you ever had any arguements with bands?

Brian: no but we've tried

Pat: I definitely have some issues with some bands

UKMC 2: Ntfc1960 asks.... which female singer would you guys most like to sing with?

Brian: PJ Harvey

Pat: J-Lo

Rivers: that guy in Wheatus

UKMC 2: Mercury80h asks... wheres your favourite place in the world?

Brian: Los Angeles

Rivers: yeah, Los Angeles

Pat: The top of the lift at Mount Hood, in Oregon

UKMC 2: Question: do you like wwf wrestling?

Brian: no, but I like the movie about Andy Kaufman being a wrestler

Pat: No, but I like ice cream

UKMC 2: Sie0799 asks... whats your fav beatles song?

Brian: A Day In The Life

Rivers: the Beatles suck

Pat: they had a song called 'Hi we're the Beatles'

UKMC 2: Pun of the day from ItsGreenthumb... Who came up with the inspiration for Hash Pipe? Or was it a 'joint' effort?!

Pat: I contacted the 'joint' chiefs of staff and we used money from our 'joint' bank account

Pat: we hope to get it into a Spike Lee 'Joint'

UKMC 2: No BIG hair asks... the start of el scorcho does matt scream "aye carumba" or "rock and roll" ?? i could never tell.

Pat: he actually says 'I Love Satan' backwards

Rivers: I will say this, whatever is in the songbook is wrong

UKMC 2: Monkey Iorna asks... who out of weezer is most like the fonz?

Brian: i definitely am

UKMC 2: Themilkmonkey asks... On your new album, there is a song called "crab" and it's being really puzzling me what on earth is it about? Is it really about sexually transmitted diseases, or is my mind just dirty?

Pat: we're saying if you want crabs you can get them, just keep trying.

Brian: I ask myself what that song means every time we finish. It doesn't seem appropriate at the time, seeing we're at a show.

UKMC 2: DanOsbourn asks.. is it really sex drugs and rock and roll 4 u then, or just ps2?

Pat: I've drawn a blank

Brian: if we could merge the two that would be perfect. We might try and write a video game about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

UKMC 2: UnKnOwN4LiFe321 asks... what did you think of christina's hair at the movie awards?

Brian: Christina Ricci?

Pat: she hit me with it it left a mark, a German mark.

UKMC 2: KevLeader asks... what was the last album u brought?

Brian: 100% dynamite, a collection of 60s reggae

UKMC 2: Andycrosby asks99 asks... wheres the best place you've played?

Pat: hey, you guys see that show...

Brian: Tokyo. They have the cleanest restroom facilities.

UKMC 2: Geremof asks... when was the last time you guys got a good nights sleep? you look pooped.

Brian: I'd like to see what you look like, you try doing this.

UKMC 2: LAWRENCEHANSBURY asks... what style of girls do you like?

Pat: the frosty kind, the kind that run at me naked and screaming covered in Au Ju sauce.

UKMC 2: AlecAcohen asks... Who is the nicest person in rock?

Brian: the bass player for Radiohead -- hands down

Pat: you mean when his hands are down? When his hands are up, it's trouble.

UKMC 2: Baz asks... what is the first thing u do in the morning?

Brian: fill the kettle with water for tea

Pat: I attempt to get a cafe con leche

Rivers: pee

UKMC 2: To finish up guys, tell us about your plans for the rest of the year. Will you be back in the UK?

Rivers: we'll be back in November

UKMC 2: Any final words for the fans?

Rivers: AOL rocks

Pat: oh yeah, totally

Brian: I love you fans!!

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  1. This predates the release of Death to False Metal by more than 9 years.